Sunday, December 16, 2007

A new start

I've always kept a journal of my thoughts and goals. But I am sick of handwriting when I can type faster and read my own thoughts better. So I jumped on the bandwagon of blogging!

Today was a sad day for me. Why? My babies are growing up and I long for another. Although it's not time yet. We need to get things in order 1st before that happens. And I need to lose this weight that is keeping me from being happy most of the time. So I guess I just keep on longing for another....

Other then that it was a great day. A day spent with the kids and I. Dave had to work a side job plowing snow. Didn't make great cash but he made some for himself and that is all that matters.

My goal for this week:
Get back to the gym - my ass needs it!
Get my kids clothes put away - Dave is on my ass for it!
Get the junk out of my house - WE DON'T "need" it.
To throw away some of my high school clothes - don't ask
Enjoy my family and don't let the small stuff bug me
Stop stressing so much over work - not worth it
Bake some cookies with the kids

Well back to putting clothes away. I mean I am taking I have 0-24 months girls clothes all out upstairs and downstairs. I had this crazy ass idea that I was going to take all my bins, take all the clothes out, separate by size and by season, put the proper stuff away, and bin up the rest. And of course leave some out for Dave's cousin little cutie pie!

Happy thoughts....:)