Monday, March 31, 2008

As the hours glass goes

So does the Days of our Lives....

So today I feel blah. Not happy, not Sad, not Mad, and Not Glad. I sound like something from Green Eggs and Ham book!

I had a great weekend. Busy filled weekend but great.

Friday I was super busy with the kids running all over the place. We had some friends come out and play at our house!!

Sat. I took Adrianna out for a girls night out. We went to the hair salon to get stuff for her hair, then out to dinner to Johnny Rocket, then to the movies!! We had a great time. I love me some Adrianna time!

Sunday, I worked out then came home for lunch. My mom stopped by for a quick visit then we showered and left to go see Baby Dino!! Spent time with family that I see but don't see. Meaning I work with them but we don't visit. So we got to play with all the kids! And visit with new baby all in one day! Nice for a change!

Then Sunday night, I talked to my grandma. MacO my grandpa isn't doing so well with his battle with cancer. Then I talked to my brother and he had some interesting things to say to me that got me thinking and upset.

So today I woke up feeling blah...I am worried about my brother. And I am scared for my grandparents. Then I started getting upset about my weight again. I am working out and working out HARD. I am slimming down there is no doubt about that but the POUNDS are NOT coming OFF! It doesn't help that the more I work out the more I want to eat. And normally it's healthy eating but lately it's been bad eating habits! I need to kick that in the butt ASAP.

What a blah boring day huh?

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A new one enters the world

Today my cousins had their 1st baby!!! How exciting is that! Michelle and Dan bought in a new baby boy and named him Dino James. I love that name. Not only do I love that name because he's named after a special man, Dino. But because it was my first choice for a son we hope to have one day. :) However, that will most likely change since I don't want to take their son's name!! I've yet to see him but my mom said he's gorgeous!! And she said that when I see him that I'll most likely go home and want another baby. Little does she know that I ALREADY have that feeling but for the moment that will be put on hold.

Dino was born at 5:42 am 6lbs 14oz and 19 inches long!! That's a perfect size baby for Dan and Michelle! A long one in fact for these perfect looking Mom and Dad :) Michelle's has always been a big part of our family (she's married to Dan my cousin). I am super excited to be an "Auntie" since I long for that day to happen with my brother, but he has time!!! I am even super excited and honor that Michelle will let her son call me that. In fact it was her idea :) Congrats Dan and Michelle!!! Welcome Baby Dino!!!

So today, is all about babies. I figure I'll talk about my next favorite thing. My godson Nicholas!! Next to my kids, I love this little boy as much as I can love my girls! I also love Nicholas brother Michael but Nicholas or aka Lissy will always have a special spot in my heart! The day his parents asked me to be his godmother I could have not felt more honor, proud and happy. It was one of the happiest days in my life! Lissy mom, April, is more then a friend to me. She is a long lost sister that I finally found. She's more then a friend she's family. She fits right in with our family too. She not only made me a godmother for the 1st time but she changed my life in ways she'll never know. She got my butt into gear, pulled me out of the dirty ground I was in and introduce me to my wonderful husband Dave. Before that she introduce me to a smelly guy name Jeff but that's OK I've moved on and got over it ;) Back to Lissy, he's a great kid. Always has a smile on his face and is scared to death of me!!! But we are working on it. I only wished I lived closer to him so I could see him every week! I wish I could take him places and spend more time with him. I can only hope that one day he'll know how much he truly means to me....I am lucky to be his godmother....

Nicholas at Chuckie Cheese

Got Milk?

Monday, March 24, 2008

My daughters

I think today I'll blog about my girls as I don't blog as much about them as I should.

Adrianna R.M K.. aka my Pookie, I won't spell out her whole name as you can guess there are some freaks out there today! She was born 10-03-05 and one of the happiest moments in my life ever! She sure is the apple of my eyes! She can steal any moment from anyone anytime! She was born alert and happy. But she can be fussy and stubborn, there is no doubt about that! We say she takes after her father's side :) Her smile, oh gosh, I love her smile. The dipples can melt away any hurt you may have when you see her smile! She was named after my cousin. To this day, I see Rachy in Adrianna. She shares her laugh and smile :) Adrianna is the star in the family. Loves to dance, loves to sing, and loves to show off!!! I've yet to meet a 2 years old that is so kind and loving towards others. She would stop to help an old lady cross the street! She loves being a BIG sister, loves the outdoors, loves to ice fish, loves animals, loves babies, loves her guma and papa, loves to be with her friends, loves to be with family and loves to learn. Adrianna simply amazes me day by day, months by months and years by years.

Adrianna in Florida 02-08 at 2 years old

Gabriella F. K. aka My Musha Belly or Punky was born 11-16-06, 1 year and 1 month after her sister. Man oh Man, when I thought I was luckiest mom on earth to Adrianna; Gabriella made it even better! She was so tiny and such an Angel when she was born. Gabriella was an AWESOME baby. NEVER cried. Breastfeed like a champ! Slept like there was no tomorrow! Gabriella is the Angel that was bought into our lives! She couldn't have come at a better time. She too can light up any room, but she can also kick your ass! She is my fighter! She's been though so much in her short time she's been around but she's a fighter!!!! She my little Italian baby. She is stubborn too but different kind of stubborn. She's more laid back then any kid I know. She'll play for hours alone but she'll let you know when she wants to play with you and only YOU! She is so serious but a funny serious little lady. She's my girly girl. But she won't let you put bows in her hair, no sir!!! She too is becoming a star in our family. She loves to sing and watch out when she does she is LOUD! Gabriella loves to be the little sister, loves her mommy, loves her thumb, loves to play outside, loves to eat anything, loves to play in the cabinets, loves to bug her sister, loves playing with baby dolls, loves to give kisses, loves to be with family, loves when people sing to her, loves when people read to her, loves to spend ALONE time with guma, and loves her papa. Gabriella lights up my day and night!
Gabriella in Florida 02-08 at 1 years old

My girls mean more to me then anything in this world. As I always say to them "I am gonna get you, then I am going to bite you, and then I am going to eat you!!!"

Happy Monday!

Tuesday, March 18, 2008


i am battling with so many things right now. i just want the sun to come out and make it all go away.

i want work to be over.
i want the battles with my weight to be over.
i want the jealously to be over.
i want the battles that i have with myself about things to be over.
i want people to understand me better.
i want my camera to work so i can take pic on Easter Sunday!!!

but on a good note, i look good today! :)

down a couple size and wearing an old suit of my mother's. and i think i look good!

come out sun where are you!

Monday, March 17, 2008


This weekend we had a GREAT weekend. We didn't have much planned and I liked it that way. In fact on Sunday I pretty much stayed in my PJs all day. The girls got dress but lazy clothes is what I like to call it. :)

Friday was a crazy day and I thought for sure I was going to have a breakdown. Dave's 1st paycheck back to work was all messed up and but all fix now. So I can cont. to shop :) Friday G had her 1st gymnastics class. It was CRAZY! She was all over the place, just the thing for her to do! And I think I lost 2lbs doing the class. Then we flew over to the gym for Kickboxing class. Well not the girls they went to Childcare at the Gym. but not for long. G wasn't having it that day. So I didn't get my full day of Kickboxing :( Friday afternoon they slept the entire day while I pretty much did nothing. I went on strike that day. I needed a day to mentally shut down. So I did. Dave came home and wasn't happy but got over it quickly. We went out to dinner and had a better night as a family. I even went to bed at 9pm!! Who does that on Friday night. Let alone me!

Sat. oh boy Sat. Dave took G to her make up class for Gymnastics and they spent the day together while Adrianna and I cleaned! Then Dave came home with a new family member.
Lila!!! Our new dog!!!! If I knew how to post pic on here I would. But still learning to do that! She's 11 weeks old and a German Shepard. The world cutest dog EVER!! Trust me, she is! We had fun with her the rest of the weekend. And Sat. night we spent the evening at Chuckie Cheese with some great friends of ours! And my lovely god son :) The kids had a blast and we again lost 2lbs running around after them!

Sunday as I said was lazy day. And we had no problem being lazy yesterday. Adrianna and I did get out and walk the dog.

The dog has visitors all weekend long. You would have thought I just had another baby or something!

So welcome Lila to our family!!!

ps does anyone read my blogs??

Thursday, March 13, 2008


This week I felt rushed. Really rushed. I cooked all my meals for the week on Sunday night so I could enjoy this week. Nope that didn't happen.

It's not that I couldn't enjoy my week but everything was going wrong that could. Nothing major but just threw me off. My laptop at work got a virus on it and needed some updates. That took all day on Tuesday for it to get fix. And we still having issues with it. But I think we fix it today, thanks to my wonderful office manager and IP person who dealt with my anger and helped me fix it! :) So now I have to work on Sat. to make up for it. But I don't mind. I actually get alot done on Sat. and sometimes I wished I worked a Sat. and 1 less day during the week. Did I just say that out loud? And did I mean it? So I gotta work and show my boss that I am capable of doing my job and good at it.

Today someone asked me if I had a degree in what I do. In a way I thought that was rude. Who asks that? And why does it matter? Sure I work for my family but it doesn't mean I get the easy way out. I surely worked my way up to my title. I started out down below the ladder in fact. I've done almost every job at my company. I would say that I certainly earn my title. I've worked some weeks 60+hours a week to prove that I wanted the job I have. I've been written up, I've been yelled at, and I've had my shares of fights with my boss as others at my work do too. I get treated just the same as all the other employees at work do and sometimes even worst. And I'll admit sometimes I get a few small incentives here and there but I think I earned them rather have them hand me outs. So yeah I thought that was a rude question to ask.

So this week was crazy but on the way home God gave me a sign to calm down and live for the moment. All the sudden on I-75 the girls were screaming but a cute scream like they were going down a roller coaster and they were giggle so hard! They were laughing and seeing who could scream the loudest. It made me laugh and cry! My girls always have played so well together but lately they've been playing together more like friends. Ah it made me love them even more. It also made me forget all the craziness that went on this week.

The weekend is here and I can't wait! G starts Gymnastics tomorrow!!! I have kickboxing tomorrow! We don't have major plans this weekend but hoping to go see Dave's grandma on Sunday. In fact it will be the 1st time I've been to her house. PS I've been with him for 8 years! lol For some reason he won't take me there and it's becoming a joke between her and I. She aways teling me he must be waiting to see if I am the special women yet in his life :)