Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So it's been a while since I've blogged. So much has happened.

My grandfather Mac has passed away in his home last Thursday. My mom is on her way home this Thursday! Thank GOD. We all miss her!! My dad came home last night. He made it to FL to be with my mom :) Dante is recovering well. And we'll be seeing him next weekend! I can't WAIT!! My grandma will be flying in next week too! Then we'll have a memorial for Mac either the 12, 13, or 14th. It will be nice to have all of us together. I miss my family and I am looking forward to next weekend. Which is also Mother's Day :)

Adrianna is sick with an double ear infection. Poor kid had 103 fever Thursday night till Sunday night! But she is on the meds and doing much better!

Gabriella is still driving me crazy. I just want her to sit down 1 day!!! Just 1 day!!! Other then that she is soaking in all that is around her.

Both girls miss Guma and Papa and can't WAIT to see them.

I am still kicking and moving with the work outs! I've taken another jump over my hump and signed up for Personal Training!! I start in May. I already love my trainer since he's my kick box instructor so I know we'll have fun together on the personal training! I signed up for my 4 month of Kickboxing!!! I am sooo in love with it. :) Monday I beat my running time again! 11.30 for a mile then last night Dave pushed me to go to the gym and I beat my time AGAIN!!! 10.30!!! I can't get over it! Now I have to get the eating down right again and I am sure the pounds will melt away.

Other then that nothing really else going on in our lives. We are cleaning out the junk in our house and getting ready to sell all the junk. We've been doing yard work and busy putting up a play area for the kids. The garden is our next project. We leave for camping in a few weeks. This should be fun with the kids :) I wonder how we'll get Gabriella to sleep in a tent?? Any suggestions???


Tuesday, April 22, 2008


You never realize how much they mean to you until you go though the ups and downs. It's been a crazy week for my family.

I never thought I would miss my mom as much as I do. Maybe it's because I know she's got a lot on her plate. Not only is she taking care of my grandfather she is taking care of my grandma. Not only that, she can't be in Vegas to take care of Dante. (he's been in a car accident, but he's doing much better)

I never thought I would miss my dad as much as I do. Maybe it's because I know he's taking care of my brother and knows he needs to be there for his wife in FL. And his mother too...

I never thought I would miss my brother as much as I do. The kid is a pain in the ass but he is all I have besides my husband and kids. I am so grateful he's alive. I miss him dearly...I wish I could help him and be there for him. Get well D!

Today, is Dave's birthday. And Today I came home and I said screw the house. Life is so short, play with the kids, bake cupcakes with the kids and I even let my kids stay up past their bed time! I let them pick out their dinner tonight - strawberries, nanas, apples, hot dog, salad, and animal crackers, thankyouverymuch!

Family....I can't get enough of them!

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Dear Husband,

I just want to tell you that I adore you and love you more then words can express!

You are my rock.

You are my hero.

You are my best friend.

You are the sun in my life on cloudy days!

You get both kids up 6 days a week, change their diapers, feed them and play with them so that I can either sleep in or go to work. You dress them for daycare. You drive them to daycare. You play with them before dropping them off to daycare.

You take Adrianna to dance. You dress her in her dance clothes and put her dance shoes on. You try on her dance costume while other moms are doing the same. You are the only dad there!

You take your girls to the store with you. You take them fishing. You take them sledding. You take them to Wiggle Concerts (with me of course). You do the Barney show thing too. You do the Jump places too and go down the slides with them. You take them to the park. You take them to the spray park. You have even taken them to the Red Rock Mountains.

Your face lights up when your girls say "Daddy". You wore a shirt that said "New Father" proudly when the girls were born. You've sung to them when they were newborns. You've gotten up in the middle of the night for night feedings when I would let you. You still to this day check on your children and cover them before going to bed. You light up when they say "Daddy home!". You light up when they kiss you.

To me YOU are the sexiest Daddy around. I know you think I don't know these things that you do. But I do. And I love even more because of it.

Love always,

your wife

Monday, April 14, 2008

This and That

So much going on these days. So much to talk about....

Lets start with the weight lost shall we? It's going but slllllllllowly going! I am so proud of myself these days though. I may not be making the BEST choice when it comes to food but I've been hitting the gym every other day! Rather I want to go or not, I get there! Last week on Thursday I came home and my mom had the girls for the day. She cooked tons of food for us. I had a sad day so I knew I would eat all that food. Instead I told the kids we were going to go play at the gym! Gabriella did GREAT in child watch too! Kickboxing is going GREAT! I love my trainer. He makes it worth while. Although I hate the jump rope! Only because my ta-ta are just well ya know!! So each week I make goals for myself with the new healthy me. Last week Sunday I said no pop...This week is no fast food. So that means no pop and no fast food! To me I have to take things away one at a time. I don't love pop but for some reason I found myself drinking it lately. That was an easy one to give up. Fast food well that's going to be hard because of work. They like to bring that crap into work! Wish me luck if you can! I know tomorrow I won't reach my extra 10lbs I want to lose so my goal is by the end of April is to lose 8 lbs. And if I do then I am going to treat myself to a personal trainer. I've had one in the past and it worked out great. But now I am getting bored with my work outs and I think its time to go for another one. :)

Next subject, the girls. They are doing great! Gabriella had tubes put in her ears and boy oh boy can you see the difference that made on her! She is talking non stop and she actually wants to play with other kids now!!! I am so glad we made the choice to do it. She's super happy now and barely cries unless she wants to hear and see herself do it (rolling eyes here). Adrianna is growing up so fast. She wants to go to school I guess. She's been picking up on things people are saying and doing, so school is one of them. She wants to ride the bus. WHOA, stop there for a min. she's only a baby to me! She's not even 3!!! So where does the time go?!?! We've been busy playing outside with the kids and taking them out and about. 2 weeks ago we went to Great Grandma Fay and I think both of the kids thought they were hot stuff. Esp. Adrianna playing with her older cousins Albert and Marissa. She didn't want to leave Grandma Fay house of course...

Grandpa Mac. Not good. My mom leaves tomorrow to head to FL to be there for my grandparents. I'll update as soon as I can. Tomorrow Mac celebrates his 77th bday. But how do you do that when you know your life is about to end? And what am I to say to him when I call? I am glad my mom is going.

Good old Dave...He's still working and working hard. He applied for another job so hopefully they'll call and we can move forward a little bit! He's been busy around the house and cleaning up the yard. I think he's waiting for Golf to start though :)

Happy Monday....I told you I had a lot to ramble about...

Friday, April 11, 2008

TGIF and 12.33

This weekend couldn't have come any slower!!! Not that I have anything HUGE planned this weekend but it's nice it's here!

Today, we have kickboxing. Then we are coming home after lunch the kids will nap and I will clean. I have MAJOR cleaning to do! Then tonight I am heading out to a purse party!

Sat, Dave will work till 3 and I think our plans are to stay home and Spring Clean. We need to move some stuff out of this house! After the kids go to bed, him and I are going to rent a movie and have date night :)

Sun, working out, Church, welcome meeting at church, then I am coming home to spend family time. I wish the weather was going to be nice...

Well yesterday I went to the gym and beat my time AGAIN! 12.33 to run a mile!!! 14.07 on Tuesday and Thursday 12.33. My next goal is to get to 10.44!! Run Forest Run...

Have a great weekend!

Thursday, April 10, 2008

It won't be long

till my grandfather Mac passes away. I can feel it in my bones. And the doc confirmed it today. He'll be coming home most likely tomorrow from the hospital and most likely hospice will be right behind him. :( I am so worried about my grandmother. He's her rock. He's our rock because he keeps her in line :) All we can do is pray for him now.


Wednesday, April 9, 2008


Yup that is how long it takes ME to run a mile!! I beat my own time!! I went from 18.03 to 16.43 to 15.45 now to 14.07!!!! WhooHoo to me!! I was so freakin excited at the gym yesterday. I was feeling all kinds of emotions. On top of it I was so excited that I can RUN at 6.5 speed. Who would have thought a girl like me who was over 200lbs at one point could run a MILE let alone at 6.5?!?!?

I would have to say I've over come a lot of hurdles (did I spell that right because it looks funny :/)while I've been on this healthy new me kick! I am working out every other day no matter what. So that me to the gym at least 4 days a week sometimes more! I've over come my fears and taken classes at the gym! I've also did something I've always dreamed of doing, signed up for kickboxing! I am in my 3rd month of it and I am pretty darn good! :) Now I am running on the treadmill and the track! NOT walking but RUNNING! Way to go ME!!! Now I have to find another hurdle to jump over....

As of Today I've lost 34lbs!!