Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Time to share

We have a Winner

Again, sorry to be posting so late. I haven't been by a computer while we were traveling on the road and loading up blogger on Iphone isn't fun!

We have a winner for the Delaney hair piece :)

Danielle you have one again! Thank you for sending your friend Kelly over as well. I'll be sending you an email shortly. You have 24 hours to respond.

Hopefully Kelly will win next giveaway~~


Monday, November 16, 2009

Coupons Coupons - and loving them!

For years and years, I've purchased the newspaper every week to cut out coupons and maybe a total of 10 times I've used them. I always hear about how these women who go shopping and spend very little to no money, heck some of them are making money. I've always wonder how?

Moving out to OR, it's been easy meeting new people. I never thought I would be making or meeting friends as fast as I have been. There are wonderful mom networks out here and the neighbors are just amazing! Within 1 week, I've become friends with my neighbor Fara and had Adrianna in school, been to a home party and a coupon learning class. Fara and I have learned so much from her wonderful friend Rachel who was so kind to teach us her coupons skills.

Since last week these are my savings:

The Biggest Loser Wii Game - Price $49.99 Paid $19.99 SAVED $30

2 Reams of Paper - $4.99 each - Rebate $3.99 each = $1.00 each = $2.00 total
Ptouch Label Machine - $19.99 - Instore Savings $9.99 - Rebate $10.00 = $0.00 Total
SAVED $27.97

A bunch of different groceries items Price $55.06 Paid $26.64 SAVED $28.42

Rite Aid:
Buy One Get One Free Sale plus coupons Price $62.10 Paid $31.05 plus $5.00 off = $26.06 SAVED $36.04!!!

Buy One Get One Free - Got all of Gabriella's bday presents here, she made out great!!
plus a on sale item - Price $48.30 Paid $29.22 SAVED $18.98

I have one for the grocery store but can't find the copy of the receipt that one I did AWESOME on. I'll have to post again.

Total Savings to date: 141.41

These are all items I needed this week and would have been on my list to get. To think that I would have spent way more makes me ill.

I am sure addicted to coupon savings now :)

Blush Hair Combs w/ a Giveaway!!!

I've been honored to introduce Blush Hair Combs to you all :)
I feel in love with the product the day one of my best friend got married. Her sister in law April had the cutest hair accessory in her hair and I think pretty much all of us bridesmaids where in love!

April, a soon to be blushing bride, set out looking for the perfect hair accessory for one of her bridesmaids (co-founder, Trista). After looking at all the local stores and finding nothing, she searched the web. She did find some pretty hair pieces, but not exactly what she was looking for, and definitely not her price range.

April and Trista came up with a hair accessory of their own using their creative side. After getting many compliments and much interest in the hair piece, the two friends decided to begin designing one of a kind, affordable hair pieces for weddings, special occasions and everyday. The philosophy of Blush was quickly born: great value, smart design, vintage aesthetic, bespoke, and nothing would come out of their shop the two women wouldn’t wear themselves.
I have purchased two accessory and fell in love all over again. I love how light the hair prices are, how affordable the accessory are, how much it can change your hair - you can go to Blah to WOW in a matter of a second and the best part is the designs are just so darn chic. I've worn mine out just hiking, dinner with my husband, just to take my daughter to school (when I didn't have a whole lot of time to do my hair) and to mom meet up.

Take a look at April site. I know you will love the pieces and the prices. It's soo affordable. It would be a great gift for bridesmaids, for brides, for mother of the bride, for that perfect princess getting ready for her school dance, and I know I'll be telling my husband I want some for my stocking :)

Now on to the Giveaway:

April was kind enough to offer The Delaney !!!
Delaney would be perfect and just in time for the Christmas Holiday!!
You have till November 29th 11:59 pm to enter
To enter there are Five Ways and you must enter each one separately please leave email address with every entries
1. Go visit look around and post what you would purchase.
2. Refer someone to the blog, if they leave a post and tell me that you sent them - you and them will be entered in.
3. Purchase something from Blush Hair Combs will give you 3 enteries!! You must come back and let me know what you had purchase :)

Winners and lots of posts

Sorry to be getting back so late to my oh so few readers! lol I know I have readers but nobody is leaving comments :)

We have a winner for our 1st giveaway!!

My lovely reader Danielle has won!! I'll need you to email me your address so I can get it out in the mail. You have till the 19th to email me your address.

Bare with me as I am going to be posting about a couple different things!!

Congrats Danielle! aka Yellie :)

Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ohhh Salllly!

I love my dog don't get me wrong, but some days I could kill her (i am joking for those who are taking me seriously).

When we got her about 2 years ago she was a pup and we didn't really have to do so much training with her. Only training we had to do is trying to get her to NOT eat our stuff! I see that we still have to work on that but she's getting better.

1st it was my fav pair of high heels that she ate.
2nd it was Adrianna's Snow white headband for her Halloween costume.
3rd it was my hearing aid and $2500 later we had to get a new one!
4th it was my coat
5th it was my pillow
Now today it was my glasses!!

I am seeing a pattern here, it's my stuff she's eating!!! And I am the one who takes care of her! BRAT! :)

Wouldn't trade her for anything! Love you Sally!

Will be back later today for our 2nd Giveaway!! Trust me you won't want to miss out on this one!

Friday, November 6, 2009

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oh so excited!

I got some great people that I've found that are going to be part of the Review and Giveaways!! The littlest things that make you so excited in life ;)

On a side note today Gabriella and I went for our morning walk while Adrianna was at school and it's just amazing how you really do learn something new everyday! We found a new path to walk on and it had some interesting facts about the Solar System during the whole path. It was nice to get out in the cool crisp fall morning and just explore. It's a bonus when you find a path you didn't know was there and then find out there is a chance to learn about the Solar System, double bonus!

Moving away from our home state has been so rewarding I wouldn't change it for a thing!!!

Don't forget to respond to yesterday blog for a chance to win an awesome giveaway!!! You don't need a blog to enter :)

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Blog Changes

There are some changes that will be made on this blog.

Be on the lookout! For the Better!!

Prizes will be given away in fact!!

In fact if you leave a comment you'll be entered into the 1st prize give away!

Prize and Winner will be annouce November 16th!

There are 3 different entries and 3 different chances of winning!
All entries are to leave their email address so I can get a hold of you when you win! A site will be used to pick the winners :)
You have till November 15th, 11:59pm
Only open to US Residents

1. Leave a comment - what would you like to win or seen to given away

2. Follow me

3. Add my blog to yours - be sure to leave me the address of your blog.

Good luck!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Wanna

Can Tomatoes
Can Salsa
Can Apple Butter
Make Winter dinners
Take each of my girls on a single date with each of them alone
Sleep in till 9am on Saturdays mornings
Take naps on Sundays afternoons
Read a book, not at 11pm at night either.

By in 2 weeks I should be able to do some of that :)

It's killing me being in MI during the fall. I can't do any of the above since we are moving and I don't want to take the chance of my can goods going bad or breaking. And the rest of the stuff I need my husband for ;)

Enjoy this wonderful fall weather! <3

Friday, September 18, 2009

As I know it

Two weeks from today myself, my husband and my girls will be leaving everything and everyone that we know. We'll be heading to OR to our new home. I am very excited about this time in our life. It couldn't be a better time. There is nothing holding us back.

My parents are moving to FL to start their new life along with my brother. While it sucks knowing they'll all be together and we'll be on the other end of US, it makes me feel stronger and better as a person. Knowing I can do this. We can do this.

The scary part is not knowing where anything is but also the fun part! The other scary part is not knowing anyone but it's also the fun part too! :)

This all been a life adjustment to all of us. Losing our jobs, renting out our house, moving in with my parents/brother, Dave being gone since July, my parents leaving, and now us. My poor kids are wondering what's next. It's been taking a toll on the kids, my parents, my brother, my husband and finally me.

I am struggling with this Stay at Home Mom thing. I won't lie. I love being home but I have my days where I doubt myself. My kids seem to appreciate me more when I worked and our time we had together. At the same time, we weren't making changes every 3 weeks ;) I am hoping once we get back to our normal lives - school, dance, Dave being home, and family time - things will balance out and I'll not struggle so much. Most days I feel I am the worst mom and not doing anything right.

But then there are days I know I am doing just ok. :)

Tuesday, April 21, 2009


I am trying to get caught up I swear!! I don't know how I worked full time, took care of two kids and the house! I've been so busy since off work. Running here and there. Trying to find stuff to do with the kids. And stay in our budget. I never have time to do anything for myself really beside working out. That I will always find time for since I need stay healthy and lose the weight.

The last few days I've been trying to get caught up on photo and projects I said I would do for other people. Can't really talk about the projects but I thought I would post my 1st time taking pictures of my oldest and dearest friend who's expecting. Today is her due date but I really don't think the baby will come out till either April 23rd or May 3rd.

I had fun taking pictures of her and I am glad she let me. I took some pic in DC when I went to see her and some at a local park near her home.

If someone could help me do the shortcut I can't remember. Sorry to post such a long link!!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

I did it!!

I took the jump and learned how to sew!! I always said I would learned and for 4 years I've been too scared to learn. My new 4 years old sewing machine got put to use today!!! I am not GREAT but I am not BAD either. A little more practice and I should be ready to rock and roll!! I have some ideas on things I want to make and do so hopefully when we get back from vacation I can put my new skills to test.

I am proud of myself. I did something off my Bucket List!!!

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hey Mr. DJ...

We've been listening to a lot more music in our house. Something we've always done but doing it even more now. I am actually thinking of cutting cable in our house! Yes me!! I don't watch much TV but I am a MTV reality show fan of The Hills, Real World, and The City. Sometimes some other shows but mostly those. And of course E reality show fan of "Girls Next Door , Rudy, and The Kardisians". However, I think I could survive not watching them and most can be rented or watched online. BUT my girls love the On Demand thing and I am not sure if that would be offer if I go to just basic cable. I guess we'll find out when I make the call to AT&T. :)

Lately the girls have been getting into some old school stuff and I love it!! Both of them love Bob Seger. They are really into these 3 songs and know the words : You'll Accomp'ny Me, Old Time Rock & Roll, and Turn the Page. They love Tom Petty (and I love them for loving him, cause he's my all time fav!!). They love just about all his songs.

On top of that I've been exploring my music as well. I've always had passion for music and always will. I grew up in a house where music was always playing. My parents to this day listen to EVERYTHING. So do I. I am thankful that my parents open those doors for us. In fact, my brother would be a great song writer I wish he would go that route.

However we didn't listen to Country (one of my fav) and Christian music. But I listen to both and got away from listening to Christian music and found my way back. I just got a new CD on Sunday and the girls are loving it!! The group is called Bluetree. It's a great CD.

Here is some info on them:

Check them out!!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Busy Busy Busy.

That's all we are around here is busy! Although I wish we were making money by being this busy. But we are holding on and doing OK for right now.

Dave is still going at it at School. Has only 2 more months and he's done!! THANK GOD. Only pray that he gets a job VERY soon here. :) He'll be working part time starting next week hopefully. That should help :)

I've been busy still working 1 day in office and 5days at home. While being home is nice it's been a change. Even more so when you are still doing work from home. We've been re-adjusting schedules here and there and it's seems to be working better lately. Well the past 2 days :) I am all set and ready for school. I will be heading back in May. I am excited. I finally found something I think I'll be excited about doing. No more business and no more sitting behind a desk. I'll be heading into the Radiation Therapy Program!! I am in fact more then half way done. I just need to take about 6 more classes and 2 years of intern and will be done!

Adrianna still busy with School and Dance. She'll be in two shows this year. One in Oxford for her Dance Studio and she was asked to Guest Dance for a show in May in Clinton Township. :) She'll be doing another Belly Dance with them this year. How exciting for her. She's picking up on many things and found a lot of new things to call her favorites. She just saw "Annie" and just fell in love! I think we have Star on hand here.

Gabriella still stays home and enjoys the attention here without sister around. She'll be attending a new play group with me here in Lake Orion and we start that tomorrow and couldn't be more excited! We've learned that she loves to bowl and we can't wait to take her again. She's also a true climber. Gabriella has also passed one of her many milestones! She is in a BIG girl bed!! After many many many many months of climbing out of her crib we said it was time. Gabriella has found a passion for singing. Maybe one day you'll see her singing and climbing? Perhaps at a Circus?

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A few of My Favorite Things...

I've been thinking about this post for a while since a few of my "friends" have done this. Here are a few of my favorite things!!

My mom introduce this mascara to me in Italy and I love love love love it!! I've been looking for the right one. And Damm this is the one! It doesn't clog up, when I cry and I tend to do that a lot lately, it doesn't run all over my face, it makes my lashes look long and full!!

Rainforest Cafe :) on Wednesday night is the BOMB! Kids meals are $1.99 and best yet you don't need to purchase 3 adult meals if you have 3 kids. Only one adult meal needs to be purchase and bam! they get their meal. It's never stir crazy with a waiting line and there is always stuff for kids to do. My kids loved it and mama does too, I get a 45 min break. If you are going the healthy route, you can order a salad and that is consider an adult meal. :)

I drink this almost every morning, every afternoon and every night. Great tea and it's almost always on sale :)

I love Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo. If I could afford this, I would buy it every time. However, it's one of my treats for my hair. Thank god I can make it last a long time. Too bad I am just too cheap. This leaves your head feeling like a million bucks and you feeling like a new person. I dare you to try it.
While training for my marathons I've found some new things to try along the way to help me keep up my energy.
JellyBelly has the solution! I hate Gels, I hate the bars, and I hate the other crappy stuff they try to get you to like. However, when they introduce JellyBelly Sport Beans I was HOOKED. I am a HUGE fan of JellyBelly especially the Popcorn Flavor (you know you like it too!). My favorite Sport Beans are Berry Blue and Fruit Punch.
I'll have to do my favorite children things tomorrow. :)
Good night....

Friday, January 23, 2009

10 Years Ago

10 years ago...You watched me lose my Driver License and work 3 jobs daily to pay bad debt off and get my license back.

10 years ago...You watched me date fail at school because I thought partying was more important.

10 years ago...You watched me turn 19 and head to Canada to get drunk and then take days to recover.

10 years ago...You watched me date endless lines of losers. One who went to jail, one who killed himself, and one who treated me like dirt.

9 years ago...You watched me slowly slip away from those who loved me the most and turn to those who laughed at me the most.

9 years ago...You watched me get beat by a chic who could have killed me.

9 years ago...You watched me come back alive because of that chic who almost killed me and made me realize that I needed to do something with my life.

9 years ago...You introduce me to one of my greatest friend who later in life turned out to be one of my best friend and little did I know a god gift.

9 years ago...You introduce me to the love of my life. The man who changed my life.

9 years ago...You watched me go though the toughest surgery I've ever had to go though. Having my jaw broken into a million pieces and my whole mouth moved around and then wired shut for 6 weeks! (the best way to lose weight) and Damm TMJ.

9 years ago...You watched me move out of my parents house into my cousin house.

9 years ago...You introduce me to some of the best people and some friends I'll never forget.

9 years ago...You helped me grow.
8 years ago...You watched me turn 21 years old and have the time of my life!

8 years ago...You watched me move out my cousin's into my own apartment.

7 years ago...You watched Dave and my relationship go to the next step. Him moving in.

7 years ago...You watched me fight a HUGE weight battle (almost 300lbs - big diff. when a year ago I was only 165).

7 years ago...You watched me get engaged and plan a wedding.

7 years ago...You watched me lose a family member that was too young to go.

7 years ago...You watched me grow into an adult.

6 years ago...You watched me marry my best friend.

6 years ago...You watched me move up in my company and become a HR Director and Benefits Manager.

5 years ago...You watched me lose my great grandma.

5 years ago...You watched us move from our apartment into my great grandma's condo.

5 years ago...You watched me start my own business with my mother and another co-worker.

4 years ago...You watched me nurture a baby in my belly. Along with that you watched me nurture a baby with 2 other women - April and Sue.

4 years ago...You watched me watch my baby brother Graduate High School and head off to Ferris State.

4 years ago...You watched my husband lose his job just weeks before closing on our house and having our first baby.

4 years ago...You watched us move into our 1st home.

4 years ago...You watched me give birth to my 1st born child - my daughter Adrianna.

3 years ago...You watched me bury my Father in Law with my husband.

3 years ago...You watched me nurture another baby in my belly. Along with my friend April again who was expecting.

3 years ago...You watched me become a Godmother to a wonderful baby boy name Nicholas.

3 years ago...You watched me give birth to my 2nd born child - my daughter Gabriella.

2 years ago...You watched me grow into a mother of two while working a full time job.

2 years ago...You watched me struggle with my husband job situation.

2 years ago...You watched me grown into a different person.

The past year...You've watched me give birth and share the stories of the birth.

The past year...You've watched me learn that I have Ushers.

The past year...You've heard my Italy stories.

The past year...You've watched me learn that I was expecting. The learned that I've lost the baby.

The past year...You saw that my day here at the office was coming to an end.

YOU- Pamar Enterprises, Inc. have watched, taught, and helped me more then you'll ever know. I will miss you more then you think. You've watched me go though the good times and the bad times. You've help me grow into the person I am today. You've taught me how to start from the bottom and go to the top. You've watched my mother and I go from yelling and screaming on daily basic to learning how to work side by side and separate family vs work. You've watched me fail. You've watched me cry. You've watched me yell. You've watched achieve. You taught me to laugh, to live and have fun! You've watched me over come fear. Lastly, you've taught me who I am and what I want to be. For that I will be forever thankful.

I hope my next 10 years are just as fun.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


What's up for 2009? People usually make resolutions for the New Year. I do too but call them Life Goals.

Here are my 2009 Life Goals:

Lose 50lbs by December - I WILL DO THIS
Sign back up for School - I HAVE DONE THIS!! START MAY!
Stick it out with school even if it kills me
Run another 13.1 race
Try something new
Spend more time with my kids and less working
Be a Stay At Home Mom
Cook More
Voluntary my time somewhere
lastly, be more patience

I have a lot of work cut out for me!!! But I will do this, I have to!

I am excited to start school and looking forward to doing new things.

Happy 2009 everyone!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Week #2

I made it with Week #1 and I did great with my goals. Cooked every night expect for Friday night. The kids wanted Big Boys and we went. I just had soup. :) And I stayed away from the Fast Food place :):) I didn't get to weigh in since I was at my parents house the whole weekend. So I'll weigh in next Sunday. It's gonna be hard to not step on that scale!!! To treat myself with doing so good my 1st week, I stayed the night at my parents house on Saturday night with no kids or husband. Stayed in bed all day on Sunday and read a book from start to almost finish. I didn't get out of bed till 3:30 pm!! Then Dave and kids joined me and my family and some friends. What a wonderful way to treat myself I would say. I told Dave I think I am going to do that every other month. It's nice to recharge and regroup. It was also a plus because I hung out with Beth at her parents house till midnight. It was like High School all over again. Then came back to my parents house and they had friends over and we stayed up playing games till 6am!!!

So on with Week #2. My goal this week is to start working out again. I'll start with just walking every other day for right now. Bonus goal is no pop. Bonus goal will be easy since I really don't drink pop but lately I've been craving for it.

Friday, January 16, 2009


Today 9 years ago my cousin Rachel passed away. A day I'll never forget and a day many others won't forget.

Rachel was a 17 years old Senior at Fraser High School when she passed away. She left behind her two parents, my Aunt Dee and Uncle Larry, and one sister Jamie.

Rachel was born with Spina Bifida. She was born paralyze from the waist down. But that never stopped Rach. She continue to love life more then anyone I know. She was set out to beat the odds and she did. She played basketball for the Sterling Heights Challengers. Basketball was the love of her life. Well beside her family and her friends. And boys :) She attend a regular school in her hometown. She worked at GM. She was getting ready to learn how to drive. But then life got a hold of her and she got sick. She never recovered after getting sick.

I'll never forget visiting her in the hospital. Rach was there often in her short sweet life. But this visit I knew would be my last one. I felt it in my heart. I am forever grateful that I went that day to see her. At that time in my life, I wasn't exactly a good person and basically trying to grow up. But anything for Rach, I did. I remember walking into her room and she just glowing. All my life growing up with Rachel, my aunt told me I was her hero. Me??!?!? Shit this kid was my hero. She couldn't walk and she never complain. She couldn't dance but she sang. She couldn't swim but she got in the pool. She NEVER felt sorry for herself and I was her hero? That night I spent time with her and told her she didn't have to go and get sick to get more Christmas gifts then us or to get her crush Brian Williams to sign a card by the whole Fraser Basketball team and visit her. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, we fought (in a joking matter) and we just loved each other. Rachel passed away a week later. I remember leaving and feeling at peace. I thought she would passed away sooner. But she didn't. She actually went home. We were getting ready to put on a big pasta fundraiser for my family. I was getting ready to go visit her. Then my mom said it wasn't a good time to see her.

My mom got to see her 2 days before she passed away. She did her nails and they hung out. Rachel wasn't all there. My mom knew. The night before she passed away she watch her favorite movie with her sister. Her best friend. What you don't know about Rachel is she lost one of her vocal cord when she got sick. You could barely understand her when she had two of her cords, so it was harder to understand. She didn't talk much when she was home those last week. That night, when her sister left the room after the movie was over, Jamie was already almost in her room and Rach said "Jamie, I love you, always will." Jamie just kept on walking. Too emotional to say anything. The next day, Rachel was found in her bed, passed away....

I miss her dearly.

The day I got married, I know she was there. The day I found out I was having a baby, I knew I had to name my child after her. On Oct. 3rd, 2005, Adrianna Rachel-Marie was born. That day we all knew that Rachel Marie had been born in my daughter's heart. I see so much of Rachel in Adrianna. Always joking, laughing, caring, and the most heart warming 3 years old that I know. I know Rachel would have loved her and they would have gotten along so well. I know Rachel and Dave would have gotten along WONDERFUL. Hell she would have stole him away from me :) And I know if she knew my Gabriella she would run her over with her wheelchair :) But would love her just like her own. I wished she was here for many reason.

I'd do anything to bring her back. Not just for me but for my Aunt and Uncle. And her sister. No parent should have to be there the day their child is taken away from them. No sister or brother should have to watch their siblings go at such a young age. I only hope in time their heart heals.

Rachel, you are forever in my heart and soul. Where ever you are, may you be resting in peace....

Thursday, January 15, 2009

What gives?

I am trying to not Diet. But Damm I need to lose all the fat off my body. I really need to lose it all by July since I am NOT going to be the fattest girl standing up in my dear friend Beth's wedding.

I hate those skinny people who can drink soda and eat junk all day and still have just their bones.

I am taking a different way of dieting...Not going to do it, gonna get healthy instead.

Each week I set a side a Main Goal and then a Bonus Goal. If I do good on both of them then I reward myself with something small like an hour to go to the store and just be alone. Thank god I have my husband who is my rock and supports me.

This week Goal No. One: Cooking everyday at home. So far doing great with this! I sat down on Sat. and made my list of things that I needed from store and then made my weekly dinner list. I am going to post those tasty new foods on here tonight.

Fat Free Cheesy Veggie Chowder - the kids loved it!!
Aztec Tomatoes Saute - again the kids LOVED it!
Grilled Fish
This week Bonus Goal is: No fast food. This is my down fall on my way home. I always craved for those damm French Fries from McDonald's and Whopper Jr with Cheese from Fat King. So to stop that, I've been eating my lunch I pack for work on the way home (I leave the office at 1).

So far this week is going well. It's been hard to do the Bonus Goal but I am doing good!!
You'll see me on Beth's wedding day I am going to look like this:

Monday, January 12, 2009

What do you think?

I've updated and added a few things. What do you think?

Be back in a bit for a post :)

Saturday, January 10, 2009


I am working on updating my blog...
the looks
the news
the pics

the whole nine yards. Be on the look out for it.

time for a change!!