Saturday, September 27, 2008

5 years ago

5 years ago, seems like yesterday. ..

5 years ago, I had Amy, April, Beth, Tina, Kelly, Jamie, and Charlene all around me helping me slip into a white dress.

5 years ago, my dad was looking in the yellow pages trying to find us a limo and not telling me so I wouldn't freak out.

5 years ago, my mom made us do shots at 8 am to start the day off.

5 years ago, my mom handed me a ring that I will forever cherish dear to my heart - her mothers diamonds a grandma that I will never met.

5 years ago, my brother handed me an letter and $100 - telling me how much he loves me.

5 years ago, my dad was sitting on the couch in his tuxs smoking a cig and looking at me like I was still 12 years old in a white dress.

5 years ago, a video guy and a 2 photographers were taking up my parent's room.

5 years ago, I hopped on a bus that look like a Grey Hound from outside but a tour bus from inside and singing with my girls :)

5 years ago, I sat and waited in the crying room at the church with my girls waiting for my dad to get me.

5 years ago, my dad came in and got me and asked me "Are you sure you want to do this, we can run you know?"

5 years ago, I told him "Don't look at me, I'll cry. And I can't run in this dress, it's too hot outside and the shoes will break my ankles, silly."
5 years ago, I walked towards you, my father gave his little girl to you and said "Take her, I am done".
5 years ago, when my father gave me to you, he gave you a girl with a big heart who had more room to add a guy like you in it. He gave you part of his soul, his little girl.
5 years ago, he gave me the best gift a women could ask for. He gave me you!!!

In 5 years, we've traveled, moved from apt to condo to a house, we made 2 wonderful little girls, we've lost jobs, gained new jobs, failed jobs, gone on pretty rough roads, but always had each other love.

Thank you Dave for the BEST 5 years a girl could ask for!!!

Thursday, September 11, 2008


I love Fall. One of my favorite time of the year. I love days like today. Perfect weather and perfect time to go shopping for fall items!

We've been super busy around here. School is in full swing. Dance is starting up this week. MOMS started back up today. I am back at the gym full time and loving every min. of it (ok not every min.). I signed up for a new class at the gym and it's totally kicking my ass. Beach Body it's called. The women is EVIL that is teaching the class. I could barely after Monday night class and after yesterday class I can barely bend my arms.

G started her 1st dance class on Wed. It was the cutest thing ever. However she wasn't in the greatest mood. It's one of the 1st things she ever done without her sister around. It was nice for a change to have time alone with G. On the other hand I think we'll put her down for her nap earlier since she was rushed to get to dance from waking up from her nap. She is doing 15 min of Ballet and 15 min of tap. So cute!! She was a little lost on why her sissy wasn't there and why she had me alone. A lot of changes for G this year. She gets 2 day alone for 4 hours while sister is in school. 1st day she didn't know what to do with herself and didn't talk much. But now she loves having daddy to herself and time to play with her toys w.out sharing! We are going to give Dance another month and see if she likes it.

A loves school and wants to go everyday if she could. She's learned so much since going. She's potty trained expect at night and I am so proud of her. She did it on her own and learned very quick. She starts her dance class on Sat. and I am sure she'll love every min of that too. We've been busy doing arts and crafts this month. And learning new songs.

Both girls have been busy on Mondays with story time at the library. We've been doing a lot of stuff outside with both of them and the dog. Oh the dog, she's doing GREAT. We love her to death and so happy she could fit right in our home. I have my moments with her since she does love to chew on my stuff only but she's learning.

Dave's now laid off and home with us more. But that will change in Oct. when school starts up.

well off to spend some time outside. We are having a bonfire tonight and cooking out on the grill. Have a great day!

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday to me and billy

Not the greatest pic of me but hey it's Billy :)

More to be posted later!!!