Saturday, September 19, 2009

I Wanna

Can Tomatoes
Can Salsa
Can Apple Butter
Make Winter dinners
Take each of my girls on a single date with each of them alone
Sleep in till 9am on Saturdays mornings
Take naps on Sundays afternoons
Read a book, not at 11pm at night either.

By in 2 weeks I should be able to do some of that :)

It's killing me being in MI during the fall. I can't do any of the above since we are moving and I don't want to take the chance of my can goods going bad or breaking. And the rest of the stuff I need my husband for ;)

Enjoy this wonderful fall weather! <3

Friday, September 18, 2009

As I know it

Two weeks from today myself, my husband and my girls will be leaving everything and everyone that we know. We'll be heading to OR to our new home. I am very excited about this time in our life. It couldn't be a better time. There is nothing holding us back.

My parents are moving to FL to start their new life along with my brother. While it sucks knowing they'll all be together and we'll be on the other end of US, it makes me feel stronger and better as a person. Knowing I can do this. We can do this.

The scary part is not knowing where anything is but also the fun part! The other scary part is not knowing anyone but it's also the fun part too! :)

This all been a life adjustment to all of us. Losing our jobs, renting out our house, moving in with my parents/brother, Dave being gone since July, my parents leaving, and now us. My poor kids are wondering what's next. It's been taking a toll on the kids, my parents, my brother, my husband and finally me.

I am struggling with this Stay at Home Mom thing. I won't lie. I love being home but I have my days where I doubt myself. My kids seem to appreciate me more when I worked and our time we had together. At the same time, we weren't making changes every 3 weeks ;) I am hoping once we get back to our normal lives - school, dance, Dave being home, and family time - things will balance out and I'll not struggle so much. Most days I feel I am the worst mom and not doing anything right.

But then there are days I know I am doing just ok. :)