Tuesday, July 24, 2012

2 Years Later and 2 weeks in FL

Wow!! Last time I wrote I was getting ready to bring in a new baby in this crazy insane world of ours!

As you know she's here ;)

We are in FL visiting my folks, my brother and my grandma. Luckily we'll be seeing my Aunt who will be flying in from MI. Anyone else is welcome to join us we'll be here till Aug. 22nd!! We've been for almost 2 weeks now.

Helena has been sure to keep us on our toes.

1st flight out, she did great. 2nd flight out, not so great! she manage to have everyone around us wish we weren't around ;) And almost cause us to have to land because of her screaming. Luckily some guy in front of us let her pull his hair out and kick him 100 times to keep her happy. So sorry to the unknown man in front of us :0

She's manage to go thur a box of diapers in one week. She won't keep them on. Yes she's ready to potty train. Mama not so much.

She's manage to not sleep a full night of sleep since we arrived. Nor has she been to bed by 10pm.

She's managed to poop and pee everywhere you can think of. Including the kitchen counter this am!

She has no fear of water. Just dives right in and manages to gives us all a heart failure.

She's manage to learn how to pop off a safety lock on the door wall that leads out to the in ground pool at my folks. We are Safety Lock number 2, so far so good, but she did pop one of those off as well but we were able to get it back on and leave it on.

She's managed to learned how to open all the doors in the house, break almost every glass object she can touch, sneak outside to the garage and try and ride the jeep car that is for the older girls, climb every piece of object in this house, run away from me every chance she can, ran thur rain storms, took her 1st boat ride, eat every ounce of sand she can grab in her tiny little hand, spill a full glass of  margarita on her and myself, run away from us at baseball games, and make us laugh every chance we get! Love this kid but traveling with her has been more of a job then a vacation. Never realize how spoiled I am at home ;) 

Thank you Helena for the wonderful memories so far these past 2 weeks!