Friday, July 18, 2008


My phone died last night so I couldn't get any phone calls or texts messages. Text messages...Love them and hate them. In this case it's both. When I got home I didn't charge my phone. Just didn't feel like talking to anyone and just going to bed. We went swimming after I got home from work and was out late.

This morning got up and charged my phone and had about 5 voice mails and 8 text messages! I seen one from my friend who is up north camping with family. I thought why is she sending me a text at 8 am in the morning?? I knew it was a picture text so I figured it was a pic of her dog swimming or something. NOPE. WRONG!! She's engaged!!!!! OMG she's finally engaged!!! I couldn't be happier for her!!!! But then I was like, WAIT! I've known her since we were 11 years old and she couldn't call?!?!?! See this is why I hate texts! She got engaged last night but still??? Then Dave made a good point, I wouldn't have gotten the call since my phone was dead and I didn't charge it! So it's all good but still I've been waiting for this day for as long as we've been friends! When I got engaged I called her right away! When I found out I was expecting I called her right away (she didn't answer the phone the 1st 4 times!)...

Anyways, I am happy for Beth and Jim!! Excited for Beth!!! She finally found someone that is perfect for her!! Her prince charming!! Although I don't know Jim that well but from her stories, emails, pics and blogs he sounds like a winner and keeper :)

Congrats Beth and Jim.

Jim, welcome to the family....(that's a whole another post for you)

Thursday, July 17, 2008


Lord knows I have a million family members!!

My mom found this picture the other day in my great grandma's purse. She had handful of pictures of myself and my brother and then my mom found this one. It's been 4 years since my Great Grandma passed away. I miss her dearly. :( However I am so glad that she got to see me get married 5 years ago. I know she stayed around for that. I just wish my kids would have known my Nana. She would have loved them both!! I miss her smell, her touch, her laugh, her stories, her voice, and most of all her cooking! My nana was proud of her family. Family was everything to her. I only hope I become half the women she was.

In this picture is all my family members that I work with :) And then me :):) It's sad, it started with 12 people in the pic (my cousin Dino is missing in the pic, the odd thing is he passed away 5 years ago and for some reason he's not in this picture with us) and now there are only 8 of us left :(

Left to right, Back row to bottom row:
Ron my cousin, My dad, My Grandpa, my Great Uncle Pat
Dan my cousin, My Nana, My Great Aunt Mary Ann, My Grandma
My Papa (My Great Gpa), Paul my cousin
My mom and me

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Tattoo, Summer, Parties oh my!!

So I finally loaded my pictures all up. I am a bit behind. A friend told me today that Snapfish is have 1 cent a print tomorrow or I should say today. I am going to order all my pic. It's about time I get back on track and do something with all these. I have over 5000 to print. I know I am sad...Panic mode just kick in. GREAT. THANKS April!!!
Anyways, here are some pic.

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Great memories and Old Friends

Last night my brother actually stayed home so we could go and see him. He's back home from Vegas and staying. THANK GOD!!! He's been home and I haven't seen him the 2 weeks that he's been home. Hello he's only 21 and has friends so of course we are put to the back burner. But last night he said come on over!! We had a BLAST!! The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE Uncle Dante. G took a while to warm up to him but once she did she was in love!! Adrianna and him always have been close and she was just in her own world when she saw him. We had dinner and played outside. He showed Adrianna how to golf and showed G how to play Basketball.

Uncle Dante showing G how it's done on my parents court.

Then on the way home it hit me that an old friend of mine is home for the month visiting her family. She lives 2 street over from my parents. Called her up and asked if we could stop by! She hasn't seen the kids since they were itty bitty babes! Boy I think we shocked her. We only stayed for 10 min since the bugs were coming out and it was WAY past the girls bed time. Of course we got to meet her dog Finn. Crazy little guy. I don't think he cared much for the girls and was super jealous of G. Who wouldn't be!! Adrianna of course wanted to swim in their pool. It was nice seeing Beth. Been a long time since I've seen her. It's amazing that after 17 years of friendship and few fights here and there we always manage to pick up where we left off. Of course our lives have changed and we are on different paths but we are always there for one another. Friends like that are hard to come by. It was nice seeing Beth and I am sad that she'll be leaving to go back to her new home. But happy for her that she's happier and found someone to be happy with her. Now she just has to get married and have babies and we'll be on the same path of life again!!

Another great memory. Today as I type Adrianna is sitting her next to me watching some shows about clowns (GROSS) and Dave eating his breakfast watching the same show. G was missing. Dave checked on her and she is sitting in her big sissy room playing with her Bitty Baby and trying to put a diaper on her. AWWW bittersweet moment right there!! She was talking, holding and singing to her baby too :) How is that possible with she just a baby herself :( This kid is growing up WAY to fast.

Maybe it's time for another ;)

Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Week full of fun

I couldn't be more excited about what's going on this week :)

Working today. Tonight, home with kids, cleaning, and working out.

Tomorrow morning Adrianna and I are going to register her for pre-school, then we have a play date to swim, then we are heading out to the 4-H Oakland County Fair!!! We'll see animals, go on rides and have some family fun!! Of course no Dave since he'll be at work :(

Thursday work. Home, workout, and packing up for the zoo for Friday morning.

Friday, zoo all day :) Then to giggle beans at night and out to dinner to Big Boys.

Dave will come home Friday night from work and I'll leave. My job has been done for the week!! I am heading out to my old condo and staying the weekend there!! Friday night I will be making Jello Shots for Sat. girls day out!! :):):)

Sat. early am I will go for a run. Shower and friends are meeting me at the condo from there we'll head out to Fishbone and meet up with about 12 girls I went to High School with and have lunch, take the bus to the Tigers Game!!!! WhooHoo. After game we will head out. Back to condo for some sleepy.

Work early Sunday morning (i need to get caught up) and I have my cousin Dino baptism!!! Where I'll reunite with Dave and the girls :) And then back to the condo so that I don't have to drive all the way back home Sunday night and back out there for work Monday!!!

Thursday, July 3, 2008

2 in one day!

Boy are we becoming quite the travelers around here!

For the 1st time in a long time, Dave is coming to FL with me and the girls!!! We are leaving July 30th and back Aug. 3rd. We are going to see my grandma but I am sure we'll be seeing some other family members as well and doing some fun things! I can't wait!!!

Aug. 15-17th we are going to Kings Island with the kids and some friends may join us as well! Can't wait and I am super excited about this trip since there are so much stuff the kids can do and they can do the water park. The best part is that it's free for them and super cheap for us and you get 2 in 1. The water park is included in the price with the theme park. Better then Cedar Point!

Then in Sept. we are taking a trip with another friend of ours with the kids. Not sure just where yet.

Then Dave and I will most likely go to a Bed and Breakfast for our 5 years.

Oct. is Italy!!!!!!!!!!!!!

4th of July

I don't know why but this has always been my favorite Holiday to celebrate!! I love the cook outs, I love getting together with friends and family, I love love love the fireworks and watch my children face when they light up, and I love the extra day I get to spend with my husband and kids :) We have a busy weekend ahead of ourselves and I can't wait!

Tonight, I'll go home to the kids and cook dinner. Then my plan is to just play play play with them. After they go to bed, I plan on cleaning my bathroom and washing the floors. If I have enough energy after that then I'll do some more cleaning to get it out of the way for the weekend.

Tomorrow, I am getting up early to run. Dave will cut the grass. Then we'll head out to a new water park by our house! I can't wait! We'll come home, nap and head out to the fireworks at Addison Oaks. It will be strange to be there just with Dave and the kids. We've always have gone with our friend Beth but since she no longer lives in MI that won't happen this :) I've been going as long as I can remember. They are the best fireworks I've seen.

Saturday, up and early running again. Do some shopping and running around. We have friends coming over to BBQ and watch our neighbor firework show and doing our own fireworks. Should be a fun time!

Sunday, up early to run. Girls and I will go to Church while Dave golfs with the guys. After he gets home we have a Grad Party.

I am excited for this weekend. Should be some fun times!!