Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A few of My Favorite Things...

I've been thinking about this post for a while since a few of my "friends" have done this. Here are a few of my favorite things!!

My mom introduce this mascara to me in Italy and I love love love love it!! I've been looking for the right one. And Damm this is the one! It doesn't clog up, when I cry and I tend to do that a lot lately, it doesn't run all over my face, it makes my lashes look long and full!!

Rainforest Cafe :) on Wednesday night is the BOMB! Kids meals are $1.99 and best yet you don't need to purchase 3 adult meals if you have 3 kids. Only one adult meal needs to be purchase and bam! they get their meal. It's never stir crazy with a waiting line and there is always stuff for kids to do. My kids loved it and mama does too, I get a 45 min break. If you are going the healthy route, you can order a salad and that is consider an adult meal. :)

I drink this almost every morning, every afternoon and every night. Great tea and it's almost always on sale :)

I love Aveda Rosemary Mint Shampoo. If I could afford this, I would buy it every time. However, it's one of my treats for my hair. Thank god I can make it last a long time. Too bad I am just too cheap. This leaves your head feeling like a million bucks and you feeling like a new person. I dare you to try it.
While training for my marathons I've found some new things to try along the way to help me keep up my energy.
JellyBelly has the solution! I hate Gels, I hate the bars, and I hate the other crappy stuff they try to get you to like. However, when they introduce JellyBelly Sport Beans I was HOOKED. I am a HUGE fan of JellyBelly especially the Popcorn Flavor (you know you like it too!). My favorite Sport Beans are Berry Blue and Fruit Punch.
I'll have to do my favorite children things tomorrow. :)
Good night....