Friday, December 19, 2008

Moving on...

So many things have been going on.

I didn't know if I should write about them or not....

I am losing my job. Well more like leaving my job. I am happy and ok with it now. But it's still sad and still hurts. My last day is March 1st but my last day in the office is Dec. 30th, and I am ok with that :) Will save money on Gas and lunch. And well ok, snacks and junk too!! But I will be a Stay At Home Mom earlier then I thought!! We had planned for me to quit my job in June/July but looks like I am getting my wish sooner.

On top of that we found out we were expecting!!! However, we are no longer expecting :( I lost the baby Monday night. It's been sad. While I am FOREVER greatful and thankful for my 2 little girls, it still hurts. However, tonight it's hurting me more then I thought it would. I had a wonderful time out with some of my co-workers. Office was closed and our last xmas party was cancelled however reschedule :) But we still went to see Wicked - BEST SHOW EVER. But it hit me tonight while I sit here, that we won't have exciting news to share with my grandma like we had planned. I miss expecting all ready. We tried so hard for this baby too. Normally I don't have that problem, but this time we did. When I found out back in November I was just jumping for joy!!! Now I am sitting sad. While I know things happens for a reason I don't understand it. I don't understand why God is giving me this year to have the reason for everything :) Trusting me much...I swear I can't take anymore bad news and from this point forward it's going to be all good stuff otherwise if before Sunday when we fly out I hear another bad thing, I am walking to Florida. Not taking my chance with that plane. ;)

Other then that good things are happening. Girls are getting bigger, smarter and brater (oops did I say that out loud?). No, they are a joy to be around and we are having fun with them!! Dave's loving and busy with school. Me, well just laughing my way thur life I guess :):) I have so many projects to start in the New Year. Now I'll have even more time. 1st thing 1st, cleaning out the basement - everything will go. Yeah Right>!>! I am going to learn how to sew. Going to start doing some more charity work. Oh yeah, spend more time with the girls!!!! I have so many plans for us, I can't wait.

Sunday, December 7, 2008


Adrianna being funny before going out!!

My little puppy

Snow White

The girls together

Me and the girls. Dave was at school
So I thought were going backwards in time but I am actually jumping all over the place. This year we did Halloween at my friend Mel's house with our family. My mom and dad joined us again this year and walked the whole time with the girls. Someone even had a haunted house built into their house for the kids. How cool was that?!?! The kids had so much fun. The only sad thing is that Dave (his fav time of the year) wasn't with us as he was at school. It was such a warm night too and made it even more fun. We had a pot luck dinner and of course some drinks. I was pretty good on the candy control. My girls didn't get as much as they normally do but that's good in my eyes since I didn't want that junk in my house this year :)
Adrianna picked out Snow White and I would say she was the cutest Snow White EVER!! She loved her high heels that she wore but kept saying my feet hurt. Everyone got a kick out of it.
Gabriella was a Puppy and of course the cutest one out there EVER!! She just loved sitting her wagon and having people get her candy then eating it as soon as it hit the bucket! She was a little nervous at 1st but once she saw the candy and got the idea she was all about Halloween.
I was a pumpkin and not by choice! But it was fun :) And a good laugh. Perfect way to end October 08.

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Going Backwards

So we are going to go backwards in time and I am going to start with most current stuff/pictures.
October 29th - Stoney Creek Park

We had some family pictures done by my "mom" friend Jess. She did a great job and I have a hard time picking out which one is my fav. We had so much fun that day with Jess and her boy Austin.

That day we learned a few new things and got over a few fears to!

We learned that Stoney Creek Park had a Nature Center with trails. Such a AWESOME place to check out. We'll be going back for sure!!
We learned some interesting facts about animals - Thanks to Jess!!!

Adrianna got over her fear of Heights and climbed some pretty big trees.

We learned that Daddy knows how to climb trees and not just your basic climbing I am talking actually climbing!
Gabriella...we pretty much knew, that she's not afraid of anything, loves everything, and has NO fear of anything!!

Here are some pictures :) Enjoy!!

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Been a while

It's been a while since I've post. So much has happened that I am going to have to post an update sooner or later but for right now we'll keep it short and sweet :)

December has arrived. In our house the tree and decor have been put up. However, this year we did it differently. Last year the girls helped us this year we put them to bed and did it alone. It was much needed between Dave and I. And it was a HUGE surprise when the girls woke up from nap time and saw the tree!! They were so excited, you would have thought I bought home a pony or something lol :) I did my tree different this year too. (we are on the different kick this month). Normally I do just plain color Ornaments. This year, I pulled out the ones that we've gotten as gifts as newly married couple, 1st home, 1st baby 2005, 1st baby 2006 and some as Xmas gifts. I normally don't LOVE those kinds but this year I do LOVE them. My tree ROCKS may I say. I never say that. This year I love love love my tree and stare at it every night. I tell Dave every night I love the tree, he just laughs.

So our house is all ready for Xmas with snow and everything. The outdoor stuff is out and lite and looks GREAT. Thanks to my wonderful husband. The only thing missing is gifts under the tree. Because the girls are so excited we can't put any under the tree, they think they can unwrap them.

Happy December everyone!!