Saturday, September 27, 2008

5 years ago

5 years ago, seems like yesterday. ..

5 years ago, I had Amy, April, Beth, Tina, Kelly, Jamie, and Charlene all around me helping me slip into a white dress.

5 years ago, my dad was looking in the yellow pages trying to find us a limo and not telling me so I wouldn't freak out.

5 years ago, my mom made us do shots at 8 am to start the day off.

5 years ago, my mom handed me a ring that I will forever cherish dear to my heart - her mothers diamonds a grandma that I will never met.

5 years ago, my brother handed me an letter and $100 - telling me how much he loves me.

5 years ago, my dad was sitting on the couch in his tuxs smoking a cig and looking at me like I was still 12 years old in a white dress.

5 years ago, a video guy and a 2 photographers were taking up my parent's room.

5 years ago, I hopped on a bus that look like a Grey Hound from outside but a tour bus from inside and singing with my girls :)

5 years ago, I sat and waited in the crying room at the church with my girls waiting for my dad to get me.

5 years ago, my dad came in and got me and asked me "Are you sure you want to do this, we can run you know?"

5 years ago, I told him "Don't look at me, I'll cry. And I can't run in this dress, it's too hot outside and the shoes will break my ankles, silly."
5 years ago, I walked towards you, my father gave his little girl to you and said "Take her, I am done".
5 years ago, when my father gave me to you, he gave you a girl with a big heart who had more room to add a guy like you in it. He gave you part of his soul, his little girl.
5 years ago, he gave me the best gift a women could ask for. He gave me you!!!

In 5 years, we've traveled, moved from apt to condo to a house, we made 2 wonderful little girls, we've lost jobs, gained new jobs, failed jobs, gone on pretty rough roads, but always had each other love.

Thank you Dave for the BEST 5 years a girl could ask for!!!


Gene said...

Lauren I am Ellisa's Mother in Law Happy Anniversary !!!! Your girls are adorable by the way. Love Mom K.

Ellisa said...

Happy Anniversary!
I hope you guys had a great day celebrating it together.