Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Hey Mr. DJ...

We've been listening to a lot more music in our house. Something we've always done but doing it even more now. I am actually thinking of cutting cable in our house! Yes me!! I don't watch much TV but I am a MTV reality show fan of The Hills, Real World, and The City. Sometimes some other shows but mostly those. And of course E reality show fan of "Girls Next Door , Rudy, and The Kardisians". However, I think I could survive not watching them and most can be rented or watched online. BUT my girls love the On Demand thing and I am not sure if that would be offer if I go to just basic cable. I guess we'll find out when I make the call to AT&T. :)

Lately the girls have been getting into some old school stuff and I love it!! Both of them love Bob Seger. They are really into these 3 songs and know the words : You'll Accomp'ny Me, Old Time Rock & Roll, and Turn the Page. They love Tom Petty (and I love them for loving him, cause he's my all time fav!!). They love just about all his songs.

On top of that I've been exploring my music as well. I've always had passion for music and always will. I grew up in a house where music was always playing. My parents to this day listen to EVERYTHING. So do I. I am thankful that my parents open those doors for us. In fact, my brother would be a great song writer I wish he would go that route.

However we didn't listen to Country (one of my fav) and Christian music. But I listen to both and got away from listening to Christian music and found my way back. I just got a new CD on Sunday and the girls are loving it!! The group is called Bluetree. It's a great CD.

Here is some info on them:

Check them out!!

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Lorene said...

Thats awesome! We don't have cable at all and we aren't dead. lol Its totally do-able. People laugh at us, but I prefer to keep tv to the most minimum I possibly can. Instead, the radio is on 24/7 and the girls favorite song is "Video Killed the Radio Star" and anything by KISS. LOVE IT!

Music is the best!