Thursday, April 2, 2009

I did it!!

I took the jump and learned how to sew!! I always said I would learned and for 4 years I've been too scared to learn. My new 4 years old sewing machine got put to use today!!! I am not GREAT but I am not BAD either. A little more practice and I should be ready to rock and roll!! I have some ideas on things I want to make and do so hopefully when we get back from vacation I can put my new skills to test.

I am proud of myself. I did something off my Bucket List!!!


Ellisa said...


Jen said...

That's great!! Can't wait to see your creations!!

Hot Belly Mama said...

Oooh, this is totally on my bucket list. I am afraid to go down this road because I still have to convice hubby that it would be worth it to spend the money and I would be shamed if I ended up never using it!