Monday, November 16, 2009

Coupons Coupons - and loving them!

For years and years, I've purchased the newspaper every week to cut out coupons and maybe a total of 10 times I've used them. I always hear about how these women who go shopping and spend very little to no money, heck some of them are making money. I've always wonder how?

Moving out to OR, it's been easy meeting new people. I never thought I would be making or meeting friends as fast as I have been. There are wonderful mom networks out here and the neighbors are just amazing! Within 1 week, I've become friends with my neighbor Fara and had Adrianna in school, been to a home party and a coupon learning class. Fara and I have learned so much from her wonderful friend Rachel who was so kind to teach us her coupons skills.

Since last week these are my savings:

The Biggest Loser Wii Game - Price $49.99 Paid $19.99 SAVED $30

2 Reams of Paper - $4.99 each - Rebate $3.99 each = $1.00 each = $2.00 total
Ptouch Label Machine - $19.99 - Instore Savings $9.99 - Rebate $10.00 = $0.00 Total
SAVED $27.97

A bunch of different groceries items Price $55.06 Paid $26.64 SAVED $28.42

Rite Aid:
Buy One Get One Free Sale plus coupons Price $62.10 Paid $31.05 plus $5.00 off = $26.06 SAVED $36.04!!!

Buy One Get One Free - Got all of Gabriella's bday presents here, she made out great!!
plus a on sale item - Price $48.30 Paid $29.22 SAVED $18.98

I have one for the grocery store but can't find the copy of the receipt that one I did AWESOME on. I'll have to post again.

Total Savings to date: 141.41

These are all items I needed this week and would have been on my list to get. To think that I would have spent way more makes me ill.

I am sure addicted to coupon savings now :)


Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

That's awesome! Isn't it so fun?! My husband does that and he always amazes me with the stuff he ends up with for next to nothing and sometimes actually makes money on. I'd say that's a pretty good deal. Oh, and how awesome is it that you got that wii game for so cheap?! Lucky!

Beth said...

That's so awesome. Jim always laughs at me for checkign the ads and clipping coupons. You'd be so amazed at how much you can save!