Thursday, November 12, 2009

Ohhh Salllly!

I love my dog don't get me wrong, but some days I could kill her (i am joking for those who are taking me seriously).

When we got her about 2 years ago she was a pup and we didn't really have to do so much training with her. Only training we had to do is trying to get her to NOT eat our stuff! I see that we still have to work on that but she's getting better.

1st it was my fav pair of high heels that she ate.
2nd it was Adrianna's Snow white headband for her Halloween costume.
3rd it was my hearing aid and $2500 later we had to get a new one!
4th it was my coat
5th it was my pillow
Now today it was my glasses!!

I am seeing a pattern here, it's my stuff she's eating!!! And I am the one who takes care of her! BRAT! :)

Wouldn't trade her for anything! Love you Sally!

Will be back later today for our 2nd Giveaway!! Trust me you won't want to miss out on this one!

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Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

Oh man! We had a dog that literally started chewing through our drywall and that was when I had to draw the line. He's with a young couple with a little boy that absolutely love him and they have even brought him over for a visit before! It's nice to know he is somewhere being taken good care of and that I don't have to deal with his crazy chewing (not to mention pooping and peeing all over the house). We have had a sweet little Shih Tzu named Sasha for 2 years now and she is an absolute joy, so things worked out nicely for us in the dog department. LOL