Monday, February 8, 2010

Been a while

So last time I post I showed a pic of a belly (not mine but I wish).

Yes we are expecting another baby :) Due in the end of July :)

We are super excited!!

A lot has happened since then and I'll post about those thur out the day and week.

Giveaways has stopped due to a couple of reasons - one I am just too busy with the little ones and preparing for the new one. Two - i am getting ready to start my Doula training. Three - I am also starting a small business of my own and will be selling stuff thur :) (more about that soon) Four - had a couple bad experience where people were not getting their stuff :( I hope to come back to this and from time to time offer some giveaway of my own stuff that I'll be selling and some other goodies from women I've met here in WA area.

Happy Monday!