Tuesday, February 23, 2010

New things I love

I didn't want my new friends in Oregon or Washington think I totally hate it here!

Here are my new things that I love:
drives to the mountains with my family, drive out to the river to just stare at the amazing view, MOPS, scrap Friday nights, my house, our land, play dates with neighbors, play dates with MOPS friends, play dates with TMN, Sweet Basil Pizza, Coffee Perk, Andy's Market, the parks, walking around downtown Walla Walla, Stateline Community Church, Adrianna's preschool, Wednesday family night at church, babysitting coop, rolling green hills, Books N Games, Del Taco (I know they have this in MI but didn't have it till we came out here), Fast Eddy's, the little place where we got pumpkins can't think of the name but a very cool place, all the farm animals to look at while driving, drives up to the wind power farms to see Dave's work, the candy shop downtown, Walla Walla library, the children's museum, the walking trail behind walla wall fort, the dog park, breakfast at Heather's, shopping with friends, donut from the bakery (don't know name but it caught on fire and will be back in the spring), the bakery downtown that reminds me of Italy, Tony's Video, Christmas light display downtown Walla Walla, the Christmas light parade, the light display and show in Milton Freewater, the arts downtown Walla Walla, and much much much more that we've yet to see and do!!


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