Tuesday, March 30, 2010

23 weeks and many more to go!

Swollen from head to toe? Increased blood flow, by now an old friend, is to blame. Consider a trip to the shoe store because loosening ligaments will cause your feet to expand even more in the weeks to come.

So far no swollen feet, hands or legs. Just belly! My feet so far are the same size and I hope they stay that way!!! I really have some cute shoes and hate to have to lose them because of feet growth. This baby is really a mover! She loves to kick and poke! I am LOVING every min of it as I never really felt the girls move around. Adrianna never moved. She loved sleeping - still does. Gabriella moved here and there to let me know she was ok - now I can't get her to sit still. I wonder what this little princess is going to be like on the outside world! My fav part of the day is at night when everyone is sleeping. The baby and I get to bond when it's so quite. She loves when I drink Tea. She'll move around and kick my hands whenever I place them on my belly. I love looking at my belly too. The girls love it too and ask often if they can kiss the baby, talk to the baby, rub the baby and listen to the baby's heart beat! It doesn't get any better then this!! Dave on the other hand I think is a little freaked out that there is someone in there, but at night he loves holding the belly and feeling her kick. However she stops the min he gets his hands on there :) I see another stubborn princess on our hands! All three girls were/are like that with Dave since they've been in my belly! But he does get a few kicks here and there.

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