Sunday, March 28, 2010

Life Lessons

In the last few weeks my eyes have opened to a few life lessons. I am more inspired to get moving on certain projects and ready to move forward with things!

I have so many great ideas on what I want to do. I just need to do it! I need to stop thinking, dreaming, planning and talking about it. Just need to do it! So starting tomorrow I am taking the 1st step towards doing it! Well I guess you can say starting today since I am blogging about it so it means I have to do it ;)

Keep ears and eyes open!


We've found out we are expecting another new princess in our family!! We are so excited. That make baby girl # 3 for us! We have 2 female dogs too. Poor Dave - stuck with us :) He couldn't be happier (really I think he likes being the only male - he doesn't have to be shared). Now to figure out how I really want to do this baby room. I have so many ideas! So many!! Don't get me started on names - we can't seem to really agree. However I think we've narrow it down to 3 and will announce the name when she's born (since it could change from now to then!).

Dave's doing well with his job and loving it! I am adjusting to this whole moving thing and stay at home mom thing. Meeting new people and hoping to start getting out with them a little bit more ;) Girls are doing GREAT. Loving their new friends, school, and hometown! We've added a few new members to the family. Lexie - Collie Dog. Fuzzy - our male Guinea Pig. Coconut - male Guinea Pig. (I had no part in naming those things!) 3 new fish in Dave's tank (1 Oscar and 2 Piranha). I think that's all we'll add for now! :) Of course Gabriella thinks the pony next door is her but it's not (she'll tell you otherwise).
There is our family updates!

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Danielle a.k.a Yellie said...

Sounds like everything is going great for you and it's so exciting that you're being blessed with another little girl. I'm so happy for you guys about everything!

Oh, and thank you for that awesome little caption you put above my button. You rock!