Monday, February 4, 2008

I finally found my blog

I couldn't find my page for the life of me since I couldn't remember which 100 emails account I used then of course all the passwords that I have saved in my head.

Today was just another day...I had to work today and I got a lot done at work. But boy did it give me a headache! I was to scrapbook tonight but just didn't feel like going since I was tired and not in the mood. Plus tomorrow I have the 3rd Annual Mardi Gras Gala for the Epilepsy Foundation! My mom is now on the board and is determine to fight this and we are going to go and help her! I get to get dress up again and Dave gets to wear a tux! Like prom all over again expect no drama and limo :) Dave's wonderful Aunt Mary and his cousin Marissa are watching the girls tomorrow so I know they too will have a great time! So I thought it was best I come home tonight. Of course it lead to bad things for me. I went on a Wendy binge tonight :( Tomorrow is another day right???

Adrianna has been doing so great on the potty. Of course she doing it all on her own. Some days are better then others but we aren't pushing it. She does what she wants to do and when. I am just taking her lead with this. She just talking more and more and more everyday. And still cont. to love dancing and reading.

Gabriella, what can I say about her. God love her! We all love having her around. She sure keeps us busy and on our toes. She loves loves loves to sing and beat the crap out of people. I am not lying either. I've had bloody lips, eyes and more from her. She loves to head butt people instead of giving normal kisses! I wouldn't trade her for anything.

Dave's busy with the kids and soon will be back to work. And our lives will be back to normal!! Finally peace and quiet with him gone. But he'll surely be missed (well for a while anyways). I am looking forward to spending time with the girls again this spring and summer!

Well I am happy to be back and I guess I had alot to say huh??!?

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