Wednesday, February 27, 2008

In Florida

We made here to Sunny Florida!!! What a trip so far. I think I've burned more calories and toned more muscles then I can at home at the gym.

We had a rough start. We got stuck in major storm traffic on the way to Metro. Got there and I only had 20 min to check in before I could make it to the gate. Guess what, the lines were over 1.5 hours long. No one and I mean NO one would help me at the airport. Picture this, me, 2 kids in a double stroller, car seat on my back, 1 full HUGE suitcase that looks more hiking bag, 1 empty small suitcase on top of the stroller, a carry one bag (full of new things for the girls and diapers) and a laptop bag. Really isn't that a site that looks like it needs help?!?! The airport workers told me"I am sorry but how is this my problem. You need to wait like everyone else and no we can't help you." Ok I know we were late but how about helping a women out. Oh by the way 1 kid screaming her head off! I called Dave and told him to turn around and get me. We would miss the flight. A man behind me "Either you get off the phone or I'll remove you from the lines myself. You are holding up the line" Oh yeah buddy, there are like 20-30 more people in front of me and I AM HOLDING UP THE LINE. THANK GOD for this one women who had 2 kids same age as mine. "My husband is in the front of the line we are next but please take our spot and please let us help you!" THANK YOU THANK YOU I can go to Florida!

Why oh WHY does Metro have the crappiest airports around?!?! I was in the old airport. And no they don't give you a break. I had to now take 2 kids OUT of the stroller and CLOSE the stroller down! THANK YOU to Adrianna for being the helpful kid she is and helped me out. Gabriella on the other hand had other plans, she took off! We got though it and on the plane. Of course everyone is just adoring these sweet kids of mine while I sweat the fat off my body. I had just looked like I just came out of my kickboxing class. Hair was dripping wet! And not from the shower either :)

Plane ride was better then I thought! The kids were great!! We even sat on the run way for an hour and was delayed. But they did wonderful. Adrianna was far from good. I was shocked! Gabriella was Gabriella and we got to Florida without anyone killing us!

Florida, boy oh boy it was hot as heck when we got here. But I am not complaining. We got to Grandma's place and swam before we could do anything. Gabriella napped however while I spent one on one with Ms. A. She even swam on her own!!! (shocked here again!) Gabriella joined us later on to swim but only for a few. She had a rough day, not sure where she was at and what was going on. We played some more and went to bed...Adrianna had different plans as far as sleeping but we got though it and went to bed at 3am!! The 1st for this mama since my kids have always slept all night long. So now I get what my friends and others were talking about. God bless those who get no sleep....

Got up today, went for a 2 hour walk with the girls. It's chilly today but feels great to me. Was 64 and windy! Better then home I've heard. We napped for 3 hours, I haven't napped like that in almost 3 years! We went shopping with Nana (the girls Great Grandma) and just hung out at home. My grandpa - MacO who has cancer is hanging in here. He had another round of chemo and toughing it out. But I can tell he's tired and I think personally he wants us to go away! lol But non less he's enjoying the girls and they do brighten up the day. Adrianna I think knows he's not doing well since she always want to help him out. God this child amazes each and every other day. I didn't even tell her since she is only 2 after all. She loves to give him kisses and hugs. And makes him laugh.

All and all I am glad we made it here and that we are here. Life is so short these days. Mind as well spend it with some old geezers :) By the way, Dave isn't with us. He goes back to work next week!! FINALLY!!!! But we do miss him. More then I thought I would. And it's only been 1 day!

Tomorrow we have a fun day plan and I can't Wait...

Till then...peace

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Ellisa said...

Glad you made it safely. Enjoy your visit...and the warmth!!!