Friday, February 29, 2008


Poker in the Back

Liquor in the Rear

I love that saying! Think about it ;) I learned it one night at JD's Bar, they made up a song about it all.

So I finally learned to play poker tonight!!! Now I can play with my family and not look like some clueless ass! My brother will be proud. My mother will be proud. And so will my father! But mostly I learned so I can have something in common with my brother. And some odd friends of mine :)

Florida is wonderful! We are having a great time. It's starting to really warm back up. Just perfect for us.

Yesterday we spent the day with my grandmother the girls Nana. Boy oh Boy memories were made. We took a trip to the The Florida Aquarium ( We had so much fun. The girls were just in awe. Esp. Gabriella since she really starting to understand a little bit more and explore with her wonderful dark eyes!

Well as you can see I am no longer in FL and somehow this didn't get posted! We are home! Had a great time. It was great seeing my grandparents and spend time with them both. We are happy to be back and getting back into our everyday life!

I'll write more later! Glad to be back!


Ellisa said...

welcome back to the land of the freezing...spring will be here soon. right??

Lauren said...

i can only hope, right...