Thursday, August 7, 2008

Our Trip

After delivering a baby, we left for FL. We went to see my grandma the girls Nana. She's been having a hard time since Grandpa passed away in April and we thought what would be better then having us all down there :) Dave actually got to go this time! We had a great family trip. We didn't do anything too exciting for once. We actually swam in the pool a lot, napped, read, played at the beach, saw some dancing at the beach, swam in the ocean, got to see dolphins in the ocean (so exciting!!) and eat. Nice relaxing vacation with no plans!!

The girls got asked to go upfront!! But of course I felt rushed and my camera didn't take the best pics!! But they were up there for a good 5 mins and got to touch some of the stuff!
My husband and his goofy ass smile.
Adrianna swimming alone!!
the best pic I could get of the dolphins since they are fast!
Family photo on the beach!!


Jen said...

Looks fun!! I love seeing the dolphins when we go to the ocean, it's so cool!!

Marissa said...

great pics! sounds like a fun, and needed, vacation. :)