Sunday, December 7, 2008


Adrianna being funny before going out!!

My little puppy

Snow White

The girls together

Me and the girls. Dave was at school
So I thought were going backwards in time but I am actually jumping all over the place. This year we did Halloween at my friend Mel's house with our family. My mom and dad joined us again this year and walked the whole time with the girls. Someone even had a haunted house built into their house for the kids. How cool was that?!?! The kids had so much fun. The only sad thing is that Dave (his fav time of the year) wasn't with us as he was at school. It was such a warm night too and made it even more fun. We had a pot luck dinner and of course some drinks. I was pretty good on the candy control. My girls didn't get as much as they normally do but that's good in my eyes since I didn't want that junk in my house this year :)
Adrianna picked out Snow White and I would say she was the cutest Snow White EVER!! She loved her high heels that she wore but kept saying my feet hurt. Everyone got a kick out of it.
Gabriella was a Puppy and of course the cutest one out there EVER!! She just loved sitting her wagon and having people get her candy then eating it as soon as it hit the bucket! She was a little nervous at 1st but once she saw the candy and got the idea she was all about Halloween.
I was a pumpkin and not by choice! But it was fun :) And a good laugh. Perfect way to end October 08.


Gene said...

The Pics are toooo cute: Love Mom K

Christine said...

Awww, they are so adorable! Both of them are getting so big!