Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Going Backwards

So we are going to go backwards in time and I am going to start with most current stuff/pictures.
October 29th - Stoney Creek Park

We had some family pictures done by my "mom" friend Jess. She did a great job and I have a hard time picking out which one is my fav. We had so much fun that day with Jess and her boy Austin.

That day we learned a few new things and got over a few fears to!

We learned that Stoney Creek Park had a Nature Center with trails. Such a AWESOME place to check out. We'll be going back for sure!!
We learned some interesting facts about animals - Thanks to Jess!!!

Adrianna got over her fear of Heights and climbed some pretty big trees.

We learned that Daddy knows how to climb trees and not just your basic climbing I am talking actually climbing!
Gabriella...we pretty much knew, that she's not afraid of anything, loves everything, and has NO fear of anything!!

Here are some pictures :) Enjoy!!

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