Friday, December 19, 2008

Moving on...

So many things have been going on.

I didn't know if I should write about them or not....

I am losing my job. Well more like leaving my job. I am happy and ok with it now. But it's still sad and still hurts. My last day is March 1st but my last day in the office is Dec. 30th, and I am ok with that :) Will save money on Gas and lunch. And well ok, snacks and junk too!! But I will be a Stay At Home Mom earlier then I thought!! We had planned for me to quit my job in June/July but looks like I am getting my wish sooner.

On top of that we found out we were expecting!!! However, we are no longer expecting :( I lost the baby Monday night. It's been sad. While I am FOREVER greatful and thankful for my 2 little girls, it still hurts. However, tonight it's hurting me more then I thought it would. I had a wonderful time out with some of my co-workers. Office was closed and our last xmas party was cancelled however reschedule :) But we still went to see Wicked - BEST SHOW EVER. But it hit me tonight while I sit here, that we won't have exciting news to share with my grandma like we had planned. I miss expecting all ready. We tried so hard for this baby too. Normally I don't have that problem, but this time we did. When I found out back in November I was just jumping for joy!!! Now I am sitting sad. While I know things happens for a reason I don't understand it. I don't understand why God is giving me this year to have the reason for everything :) Trusting me much...I swear I can't take anymore bad news and from this point forward it's going to be all good stuff otherwise if before Sunday when we fly out I hear another bad thing, I am walking to Florida. Not taking my chance with that plane. ;)

Other then that good things are happening. Girls are getting bigger, smarter and brater (oops did I say that out loud?). No, they are a joy to be around and we are having fun with them!! Dave's loving and busy with school. Me, well just laughing my way thur life I guess :):) I have so many projects to start in the New Year. Now I'll have even more time. 1st thing 1st, cleaning out the basement - everything will go. Yeah Right>!>! I am going to learn how to sew. Going to start doing some more charity work. Oh yeah, spend more time with the girls!!!! I have so many plans for us, I can't wait.

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