Friday, January 16, 2009


Today 9 years ago my cousin Rachel passed away. A day I'll never forget and a day many others won't forget.

Rachel was a 17 years old Senior at Fraser High School when she passed away. She left behind her two parents, my Aunt Dee and Uncle Larry, and one sister Jamie.

Rachel was born with Spina Bifida. She was born paralyze from the waist down. But that never stopped Rach. She continue to love life more then anyone I know. She was set out to beat the odds and she did. She played basketball for the Sterling Heights Challengers. Basketball was the love of her life. Well beside her family and her friends. And boys :) She attend a regular school in her hometown. She worked at GM. She was getting ready to learn how to drive. But then life got a hold of her and she got sick. She never recovered after getting sick.

I'll never forget visiting her in the hospital. Rach was there often in her short sweet life. But this visit I knew would be my last one. I felt it in my heart. I am forever grateful that I went that day to see her. At that time in my life, I wasn't exactly a good person and basically trying to grow up. But anything for Rach, I did. I remember walking into her room and she just glowing. All my life growing up with Rachel, my aunt told me I was her hero. Me??!?!? Shit this kid was my hero. She couldn't walk and she never complain. She couldn't dance but she sang. She couldn't swim but she got in the pool. She NEVER felt sorry for herself and I was her hero? That night I spent time with her and told her she didn't have to go and get sick to get more Christmas gifts then us or to get her crush Brian Williams to sign a card by the whole Fraser Basketball team and visit her. We laughed, we cried, we hugged, we fought (in a joking matter) and we just loved each other. Rachel passed away a week later. I remember leaving and feeling at peace. I thought she would passed away sooner. But she didn't. She actually went home. We were getting ready to put on a big pasta fundraiser for my family. I was getting ready to go visit her. Then my mom said it wasn't a good time to see her.

My mom got to see her 2 days before she passed away. She did her nails and they hung out. Rachel wasn't all there. My mom knew. The night before she passed away she watch her favorite movie with her sister. Her best friend. What you don't know about Rachel is she lost one of her vocal cord when she got sick. You could barely understand her when she had two of her cords, so it was harder to understand. She didn't talk much when she was home those last week. That night, when her sister left the room after the movie was over, Jamie was already almost in her room and Rach said "Jamie, I love you, always will." Jamie just kept on walking. Too emotional to say anything. The next day, Rachel was found in her bed, passed away....

I miss her dearly.

The day I got married, I know she was there. The day I found out I was having a baby, I knew I had to name my child after her. On Oct. 3rd, 2005, Adrianna Rachel-Marie was born. That day we all knew that Rachel Marie had been born in my daughter's heart. I see so much of Rachel in Adrianna. Always joking, laughing, caring, and the most heart warming 3 years old that I know. I know Rachel would have loved her and they would have gotten along so well. I know Rachel and Dave would have gotten along WONDERFUL. Hell she would have stole him away from me :) And I know if she knew my Gabriella she would run her over with her wheelchair :) But would love her just like her own. I wished she was here for many reason.

I'd do anything to bring her back. Not just for me but for my Aunt and Uncle. And her sister. No parent should have to be there the day their child is taken away from them. No sister or brother should have to watch their siblings go at such a young age. I only hope in time their heart heals.

Rachel, you are forever in my heart and soul. Where ever you are, may you be resting in peace....


Lorene said...

What a beutiful tribute to your cousin! I'll bet she is watching over you and your family every day!

Christine said...

Like Lorene said she is watching over you daily. What a tribute to include her in your daughters name!