Monday, January 19, 2009

Week #2

I made it with Week #1 and I did great with my goals. Cooked every night expect for Friday night. The kids wanted Big Boys and we went. I just had soup. :) And I stayed away from the Fast Food place :):) I didn't get to weigh in since I was at my parents house the whole weekend. So I'll weigh in next Sunday. It's gonna be hard to not step on that scale!!! To treat myself with doing so good my 1st week, I stayed the night at my parents house on Saturday night with no kids or husband. Stayed in bed all day on Sunday and read a book from start to almost finish. I didn't get out of bed till 3:30 pm!! Then Dave and kids joined me and my family and some friends. What a wonderful way to treat myself I would say. I told Dave I think I am going to do that every other month. It's nice to recharge and regroup. It was also a plus because I hung out with Beth at her parents house till midnight. It was like High School all over again. Then came back to my parents house and they had friends over and we stayed up playing games till 6am!!!

So on with Week #2. My goal this week is to start working out again. I'll start with just walking every other day for right now. Bonus goal is no pop. Bonus goal will be easy since I really don't drink pop but lately I've been craving for it.

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