Thursday, January 15, 2009

What gives?

I am trying to not Diet. But Damm I need to lose all the fat off my body. I really need to lose it all by July since I am NOT going to be the fattest girl standing up in my dear friend Beth's wedding.

I hate those skinny people who can drink soda and eat junk all day and still have just their bones.

I am taking a different way of dieting...Not going to do it, gonna get healthy instead.

Each week I set a side a Main Goal and then a Bonus Goal. If I do good on both of them then I reward myself with something small like an hour to go to the store and just be alone. Thank god I have my husband who is my rock and supports me.

This week Goal No. One: Cooking everyday at home. So far doing great with this! I sat down on Sat. and made my list of things that I needed from store and then made my weekly dinner list. I am going to post those tasty new foods on here tonight.

Fat Free Cheesy Veggie Chowder - the kids loved it!!
Aztec Tomatoes Saute - again the kids LOVED it!
Grilled Fish
This week Bonus Goal is: No fast food. This is my down fall on my way home. I always craved for those damm French Fries from McDonald's and Whopper Jr with Cheese from Fat King. So to stop that, I've been eating my lunch I pack for work on the way home (I leave the office at 1).

So far this week is going well. It's been hard to do the Bonus Goal but I am doing good!!
You'll see me on Beth's wedding day I am going to look like this:

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Jen said...

Good Luck!! You can do it, just take it one day at a time and you'll do great!