Thursday, March 13, 2008


This week I felt rushed. Really rushed. I cooked all my meals for the week on Sunday night so I could enjoy this week. Nope that didn't happen.

It's not that I couldn't enjoy my week but everything was going wrong that could. Nothing major but just threw me off. My laptop at work got a virus on it and needed some updates. That took all day on Tuesday for it to get fix. And we still having issues with it. But I think we fix it today, thanks to my wonderful office manager and IP person who dealt with my anger and helped me fix it! :) So now I have to work on Sat. to make up for it. But I don't mind. I actually get alot done on Sat. and sometimes I wished I worked a Sat. and 1 less day during the week. Did I just say that out loud? And did I mean it? So I gotta work and show my boss that I am capable of doing my job and good at it.

Today someone asked me if I had a degree in what I do. In a way I thought that was rude. Who asks that? And why does it matter? Sure I work for my family but it doesn't mean I get the easy way out. I surely worked my way up to my title. I started out down below the ladder in fact. I've done almost every job at my company. I would say that I certainly earn my title. I've worked some weeks 60+hours a week to prove that I wanted the job I have. I've been written up, I've been yelled at, and I've had my shares of fights with my boss as others at my work do too. I get treated just the same as all the other employees at work do and sometimes even worst. And I'll admit sometimes I get a few small incentives here and there but I think I earned them rather have them hand me outs. So yeah I thought that was a rude question to ask.

So this week was crazy but on the way home God gave me a sign to calm down and live for the moment. All the sudden on I-75 the girls were screaming but a cute scream like they were going down a roller coaster and they were giggle so hard! They were laughing and seeing who could scream the loudest. It made me laugh and cry! My girls always have played so well together but lately they've been playing together more like friends. Ah it made me love them even more. It also made me forget all the craziness that went on this week.

The weekend is here and I can't wait! G starts Gymnastics tomorrow!!! I have kickboxing tomorrow! We don't have major plans this weekend but hoping to go see Dave's grandma on Sunday. In fact it will be the 1st time I've been to her house. PS I've been with him for 8 years! lol For some reason he won't take me there and it's becoming a joke between her and I. She aways teling me he must be waiting to see if I am the special women yet in his life :)

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