Friday, April 11, 2008

TGIF and 12.33

This weekend couldn't have come any slower!!! Not that I have anything HUGE planned this weekend but it's nice it's here!

Today, we have kickboxing. Then we are coming home after lunch the kids will nap and I will clean. I have MAJOR cleaning to do! Then tonight I am heading out to a purse party!

Sat, Dave will work till 3 and I think our plans are to stay home and Spring Clean. We need to move some stuff out of this house! After the kids go to bed, him and I are going to rent a movie and have date night :)

Sun, working out, Church, welcome meeting at church, then I am coming home to spend family time. I wish the weather was going to be nice...

Well yesterday I went to the gym and beat my time AGAIN! 12.33 to run a mile!!! 14.07 on Tuesday and Thursday 12.33. My next goal is to get to 10.44!! Run Forest Run...

Have a great weekend!

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Ellisa said...

WTG on the mile!