Wednesday, April 30, 2008


So it's been a while since I've blogged. So much has happened.

My grandfather Mac has passed away in his home last Thursday. My mom is on her way home this Thursday! Thank GOD. We all miss her!! My dad came home last night. He made it to FL to be with my mom :) Dante is recovering well. And we'll be seeing him next weekend! I can't WAIT!! My grandma will be flying in next week too! Then we'll have a memorial for Mac either the 12, 13, or 14th. It will be nice to have all of us together. I miss my family and I am looking forward to next weekend. Which is also Mother's Day :)

Adrianna is sick with an double ear infection. Poor kid had 103 fever Thursday night till Sunday night! But she is on the meds and doing much better!

Gabriella is still driving me crazy. I just want her to sit down 1 day!!! Just 1 day!!! Other then that she is soaking in all that is around her.

Both girls miss Guma and Papa and can't WAIT to see them.

I am still kicking and moving with the work outs! I've taken another jump over my hump and signed up for Personal Training!! I start in May. I already love my trainer since he's my kick box instructor so I know we'll have fun together on the personal training! I signed up for my 4 month of Kickboxing!!! I am sooo in love with it. :) Monday I beat my running time again! 11.30 for a mile then last night Dave pushed me to go to the gym and I beat my time AGAIN!!! 10.30!!! I can't get over it! Now I have to get the eating down right again and I am sure the pounds will melt away.

Other then that nothing really else going on in our lives. We are cleaning out the junk in our house and getting ready to sell all the junk. We've been doing yard work and busy putting up a play area for the kids. The garden is our next project. We leave for camping in a few weeks. This should be fun with the kids :) I wonder how we'll get Gabriella to sleep in a tent?? Any suggestions???


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