Wednesday, May 21, 2008

2 years old

They are funny aren't they. You can either love them or hate them in a matter of 2 seconds!

Monday night, I came home. The sitter left and the kids were screaming and crying. No reason what so ever. I felt as if I should just stayed at work :) For some reason my 2 years old for the past week thinks at time between 5-6pm she needs to scream, yell, cry, and just go plain crazy. It only lasts for a few min, god if it was the whole hour, I wouldn't be here...

So she has her screaming fit, I tell her go to your room, and she does (which still amazes me). She screams tills she red in the face, I tried to take a pic but it made it worst! lol She kicks the door and then opens it up and said "What happen mama?" I am telling you CRAZY kid!! I tell her you are having a fit, she goes "I'd sorry Mama, can we play now?" LMAO

We then go and change her diaper in G's room. (G is sitting at dinner table eating alone while this is all going on, poor kid). We get done with the diaper, and A looks at me with a very serious face and goes "Mama, you are a pretty princess." Awww, I tell you, hate them then love them in 2 sec! So we talked about me being this pretty princess and this is the rest of the conversation:

Me - You are my princess too.

A - I know, beautiful princess mama

Me - Oh yes...With such a pretty smile too.

Now G enters the room with a look like WTF you left me at the dinner table to eat while you guys play princess!

Me to G - Oh look it's Mama's other princess

A - No Mama!! She NOT a princess!!!

Me - well then what is she?

A - She's a....Piggy!!

Me - laughing...

G - snorting like a pig!! lol

Me to A - Honey that is not nice she is not a piggy.

A - Mama calls her piggy.


I guess I need to be more careful on what I say huh??


Jen said...

Yes, 2 is always a fun age!!

Ellisa said...

LOL. We call Payton "stinky" and have since he was 1. It's stuck and he still thinks that his "other" name. Be careful ;) Such a great age!