Tuesday, May 20, 2008


I am full of Why's today. And I don't know why??

Today I was reading another mom's blog and she posted some interesting facts about some fast food. Like Taco Bell has cocoa in their meat. Why?

Then I had a meeting today with a company about developing a website for my company. And when he was getting up and leaving he out in the open said "I have a fake leg." Why??

After that meeting, I got into it with a family member of mine and some things were said and those words hurt. Why and how can people do that??? Words are something you can't take back.

Tonight, took kids to the park. Some boy who was about 5 was about to push G down the stairs on the play structure. I told him no and to leave her alone. He looked at me and said "Shut up lady" and pushed G. Why???? So I found his dad and him and I got into it and he called me a "Fat Bitch". WTF??? And WHY??? Again, those words hurt. So instead of crying and walking away, I fought with the jackass! And fought good. But then my kids were sitting there and I said no way and walked away. Before leaving, I turned and said...All I wanted was your son to say sorry. :( Instead, my A who is 2 looked at the man and said...I'd sorry...She didn't do anything. He exchange some more mean words and I just walked. I will be calling the City since he is one of the Soccer Coach (who's girls were playing tonight) At least I had 2 men try and help me and shut him up. And 1 said, you are not a Fat Bitch...THANKYOUVERYMUCH...but I don't think it will help me.

So with all these Why's today, I am about to head to the gym and burned off the anger instead of eating. I hear Dave walking around upstairs so I guess that is my cue that he's home and I can leave. After all I owe it to the gym to get there since him and I are having issues. :) :)

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Ellisa said...

ugh! Sounds like a crazy day. Why *does* Taco Bell put cocoa in it's meat. I assue to enhance the flavor? And what a JERK at the park!! Glad you defended yourself and your girls. ((hugs)) and no, you aren't fat.