Saturday, May 31, 2008

For you!

She knows who I am talking about :) I guess some people are lacking on blogging :)

We've been super busy. We had a good camping trip and nice family time last weekend. The girls did AWESOME camping. Then the rest of the week I was busy at work, helping my cousin out with her kids (she was helping me too), then dance, and today the show!! OMG Adrianna did WONDERFUL!! I can't wait to see the DVD! I cried and cried. My baby is no longer a baby. She has grown into a toddler and on her way to being even a bigger girl.

Normally I find myself blogging about them. Today I think I'll talk about me! lol

Not much is going on with the weight lost but I can't say I've been being too active about it. That's all about to change again tomorrow. I am almost at the 40lb mark. I think when I hit I will finally purchase some new clothes!

We are putting our house on the market. We are thinking of moving out of Michigan. I think it's time. :( I will be super sad if we do. I don't know what our plans are but God is helping us and I am sure he has a super plan for us. Dave is sick of his job and I am sick of his hours. With that being said we don't have much of a choice here in MI. Stay tuned we'll keep everyone posted on what our plans are.

Other then that, we have a lot of yard work to get done. We are getting ready for our sale next weekend. (anyone want to come out and purchase some stuff from me). And summer seems to have arrive, I hope she don't leave!!


Ellisa said...

Thanks for the update (finally) ;)

I know that it's scarey moving out of state and away from everything you know. I did it when P was 1. But there are great things that await you if you listen to God's plan for you and your family.

Lauren said...

Thank you E! I totally needed to hear those words!! Thanks ((hugs))

Jen said...

Great update!!

Making the right decisons is often very hard but it will be worth it in the end.

Lorene said...

Best of luck to you in whatever decision you make. :)

Marissa said...

'bout time you updated! :)

Can't wait to hear what you finally decide to do - its exciting & scary, all rolled into one.

Keep praying about it.