Friday, July 18, 2008


My phone died last night so I couldn't get any phone calls or texts messages. Text messages...Love them and hate them. In this case it's both. When I got home I didn't charge my phone. Just didn't feel like talking to anyone and just going to bed. We went swimming after I got home from work and was out late.

This morning got up and charged my phone and had about 5 voice mails and 8 text messages! I seen one from my friend who is up north camping with family. I thought why is she sending me a text at 8 am in the morning?? I knew it was a picture text so I figured it was a pic of her dog swimming or something. NOPE. WRONG!! She's engaged!!!!! OMG she's finally engaged!!! I couldn't be happier for her!!!! But then I was like, WAIT! I've known her since we were 11 years old and she couldn't call?!?!?! See this is why I hate texts! She got engaged last night but still??? Then Dave made a good point, I wouldn't have gotten the call since my phone was dead and I didn't charge it! So it's all good but still I've been waiting for this day for as long as we've been friends! When I got engaged I called her right away! When I found out I was expecting I called her right away (she didn't answer the phone the 1st 4 times!)...

Anyways, I am happy for Beth and Jim!! Excited for Beth!!! She finally found someone that is perfect for her!! Her prince charming!! Although I don't know Jim that well but from her stories, emails, pics and blogs he sounds like a winner and keeper :)

Congrats Beth and Jim.

Jim, welcome to the family....(that's a whole another post for you)

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