Thursday, July 17, 2008


Lord knows I have a million family members!!

My mom found this picture the other day in my great grandma's purse. She had handful of pictures of myself and my brother and then my mom found this one. It's been 4 years since my Great Grandma passed away. I miss her dearly. :( However I am so glad that she got to see me get married 5 years ago. I know she stayed around for that. I just wish my kids would have known my Nana. She would have loved them both!! I miss her smell, her touch, her laugh, her stories, her voice, and most of all her cooking! My nana was proud of her family. Family was everything to her. I only hope I become half the women she was.

In this picture is all my family members that I work with :) And then me :):) It's sad, it started with 12 people in the pic (my cousin Dino is missing in the pic, the odd thing is he passed away 5 years ago and for some reason he's not in this picture with us) and now there are only 8 of us left :(

Left to right, Back row to bottom row:
Ron my cousin, My dad, My Grandpa, my Great Uncle Pat
Dan my cousin, My Nana, My Great Aunt Mary Ann, My Grandma
My Papa (My Great Gpa), Paul my cousin
My mom and me

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