Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A new one enters the world

Today my cousins had their 1st baby!!! How exciting is that! Michelle and Dan bought in a new baby boy and named him Dino James. I love that name. Not only do I love that name because he's named after a special man, Dino. But because it was my first choice for a son we hope to have one day. :) However, that will most likely change since I don't want to take their son's name!! I've yet to see him but my mom said he's gorgeous!! And she said that when I see him that I'll most likely go home and want another baby. Little does she know that I ALREADY have that feeling but for the moment that will be put on hold.

Dino was born at 5:42 am 6lbs 14oz and 19 inches long!! That's a perfect size baby for Dan and Michelle! A long one in fact for these perfect looking Mom and Dad :) Michelle's has always been a big part of our family (she's married to Dan my cousin). I am super excited to be an "Auntie" since I long for that day to happen with my brother, but he has time!!! I am even super excited and honor that Michelle will let her son call me that. In fact it was her idea :) Congrats Dan and Michelle!!! Welcome Baby Dino!!!

So today, is all about babies. I figure I'll talk about my next favorite thing. My godson Nicholas!! Next to my kids, I love this little boy as much as I can love my girls! I also love Nicholas brother Michael but Nicholas or aka Lissy will always have a special spot in my heart! The day his parents asked me to be his godmother I could have not felt more honor, proud and happy. It was one of the happiest days in my life! Lissy mom, April, is more then a friend to me. She is a long lost sister that I finally found. She's more then a friend she's family. She fits right in with our family too. She not only made me a godmother for the 1st time but she changed my life in ways she'll never know. She got my butt into gear, pulled me out of the dirty ground I was in and introduce me to my wonderful husband Dave. Before that she introduce me to a smelly guy name Jeff but that's OK I've moved on and got over it ;) Back to Lissy, he's a great kid. Always has a smile on his face and is scared to death of me!!! But we are working on it. I only wished I lived closer to him so I could see him every week! I wish I could take him places and spend more time with him. I can only hope that one day he'll know how much he truly means to me....I am lucky to be his godmother....

Nicholas at Chuckie Cheese

Got Milk?

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