Monday, March 24, 2008

My daughters

I think today I'll blog about my girls as I don't blog as much about them as I should.

Adrianna R.M K.. aka my Pookie, I won't spell out her whole name as you can guess there are some freaks out there today! She was born 10-03-05 and one of the happiest moments in my life ever! She sure is the apple of my eyes! She can steal any moment from anyone anytime! She was born alert and happy. But she can be fussy and stubborn, there is no doubt about that! We say she takes after her father's side :) Her smile, oh gosh, I love her smile. The dipples can melt away any hurt you may have when you see her smile! She was named after my cousin. To this day, I see Rachy in Adrianna. She shares her laugh and smile :) Adrianna is the star in the family. Loves to dance, loves to sing, and loves to show off!!! I've yet to meet a 2 years old that is so kind and loving towards others. She would stop to help an old lady cross the street! She loves being a BIG sister, loves the outdoors, loves to ice fish, loves animals, loves babies, loves her guma and papa, loves to be with her friends, loves to be with family and loves to learn. Adrianna simply amazes me day by day, months by months and years by years.

Adrianna in Florida 02-08 at 2 years old

Gabriella F. K. aka My Musha Belly or Punky was born 11-16-06, 1 year and 1 month after her sister. Man oh Man, when I thought I was luckiest mom on earth to Adrianna; Gabriella made it even better! She was so tiny and such an Angel when she was born. Gabriella was an AWESOME baby. NEVER cried. Breastfeed like a champ! Slept like there was no tomorrow! Gabriella is the Angel that was bought into our lives! She couldn't have come at a better time. She too can light up any room, but she can also kick your ass! She is my fighter! She's been though so much in her short time she's been around but she's a fighter!!!! She my little Italian baby. She is stubborn too but different kind of stubborn. She's more laid back then any kid I know. She'll play for hours alone but she'll let you know when she wants to play with you and only YOU! She is so serious but a funny serious little lady. She's my girly girl. But she won't let you put bows in her hair, no sir!!! She too is becoming a star in our family. She loves to sing and watch out when she does she is LOUD! Gabriella loves to be the little sister, loves her mommy, loves her thumb, loves to play outside, loves to eat anything, loves to play in the cabinets, loves to bug her sister, loves playing with baby dolls, loves to give kisses, loves to be with family, loves when people sing to her, loves when people read to her, loves to spend ALONE time with guma, and loves her papa. Gabriella lights up my day and night!
Gabriella in Florida 02-08 at 1 years old

My girls mean more to me then anything in this world. As I always say to them "I am gonna get you, then I am going to bite you, and then I am going to eat you!!!"

Happy Monday!

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They are so cute!!!