Monday, March 31, 2008

As the hours glass goes

So does the Days of our Lives....

So today I feel blah. Not happy, not Sad, not Mad, and Not Glad. I sound like something from Green Eggs and Ham book!

I had a great weekend. Busy filled weekend but great.

Friday I was super busy with the kids running all over the place. We had some friends come out and play at our house!!

Sat. I took Adrianna out for a girls night out. We went to the hair salon to get stuff for her hair, then out to dinner to Johnny Rocket, then to the movies!! We had a great time. I love me some Adrianna time!

Sunday, I worked out then came home for lunch. My mom stopped by for a quick visit then we showered and left to go see Baby Dino!! Spent time with family that I see but don't see. Meaning I work with them but we don't visit. So we got to play with all the kids! And visit with new baby all in one day! Nice for a change!

Then Sunday night, I talked to my grandma. MacO my grandpa isn't doing so well with his battle with cancer. Then I talked to my brother and he had some interesting things to say to me that got me thinking and upset.

So today I woke up feeling blah...I am worried about my brother. And I am scared for my grandparents. Then I started getting upset about my weight again. I am working out and working out HARD. I am slimming down there is no doubt about that but the POUNDS are NOT coming OFF! It doesn't help that the more I work out the more I want to eat. And normally it's healthy eating but lately it's been bad eating habits! I need to kick that in the butt ASAP.

What a blah boring day huh?

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Jen said...

Hope you can kick the blahs soon. The weather and family stuff never helps. Lots of ((((HUGS))))