Tuesday, March 18, 2008



i am battling with so many things right now. i just want the sun to come out and make it all go away.

i want work to be over.
i want the battles with my weight to be over.
i want the jealously to be over.
i want the battles that i have with myself about things to be over.
i want people to understand me better.
i want my camera to work so i can take pic on Easter Sunday!!!

but on a good note, i look good today! :)

down a couple size and wearing an old suit of my mother's. and i think i look good!

come out sun where are you!


Jen said...

((((HUGS)))) I hope the day gets better for you. And remember tomorrow will be a new day!

Jessica said...

Glad you feel like you look good, that is always a plus!

Things will get better. It is just hard to get through the battles. Why oh WHY must we have such internal wars?

Ellisa said...

((hug)) Spring is coming. Not too much longer until the sun comes out.

The days we feel good about ourselves are supposed to be our good days...why doesn't it ever work out that way?