Monday, March 17, 2008


This weekend we had a GREAT weekend. We didn't have much planned and I liked it that way. In fact on Sunday I pretty much stayed in my PJs all day. The girls got dress but lazy clothes is what I like to call it. :)

Friday was a crazy day and I thought for sure I was going to have a breakdown. Dave's 1st paycheck back to work was all messed up and but all fix now. So I can cont. to shop :) Friday G had her 1st gymnastics class. It was CRAZY! She was all over the place, just the thing for her to do! And I think I lost 2lbs doing the class. Then we flew over to the gym for Kickboxing class. Well not the girls they went to Childcare at the Gym. but not for long. G wasn't having it that day. So I didn't get my full day of Kickboxing :( Friday afternoon they slept the entire day while I pretty much did nothing. I went on strike that day. I needed a day to mentally shut down. So I did. Dave came home and wasn't happy but got over it quickly. We went out to dinner and had a better night as a family. I even went to bed at 9pm!! Who does that on Friday night. Let alone me!

Sat. oh boy Sat. Dave took G to her make up class for Gymnastics and they spent the day together while Adrianna and I cleaned! Then Dave came home with a new family member.
Lila!!! Our new dog!!!! If I knew how to post pic on here I would. But still learning to do that! She's 11 weeks old and a German Shepard. The world cutest dog EVER!! Trust me, she is! We had fun with her the rest of the weekend. And Sat. night we spent the evening at Chuckie Cheese with some great friends of ours! And my lovely god son :) The kids had a blast and we again lost 2lbs running around after them!

Sunday as I said was lazy day. And we had no problem being lazy yesterday. Adrianna and I did get out and walk the dog.

The dog has visitors all weekend long. You would have thought I just had another baby or something!

So welcome Lila to our family!!!

ps does anyone read my blogs??

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I read them....

EVERY one of them...