Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Birthday Party Pics

We had a joint party for the girls. I said I would never do it. And I won't EVER do it again :) While it was a fun party it was hard to focus on both of them at the same time. How do those with twins or more do it?? It was meant to have a joint party for my grandmother who lives in FL but she ended up changing her plans on when to arrive and miss the party... ENJOY

PS I swear I did their hair cuter. Somehow, they got messy and didn't look how they did 2 hours before all the pictures were taken ;)
PPS I would totally have my girls in dresses at their party. BUT I had a couple of good reason why they weren't in dresses. :) My 1st "real" cake. I need to practice more! lol But everyone loved it I guess! lol
My aunt giving the girls their gift! (it was the hit of the party!)

I swear I didn't give this hat to Adrianna! The school did and she HAD to wear it!! lol And if you look hard you'll see Gabriella blowing her candles out too!

Out of all the presents this kid got, this was her fav!! She loved loved the picture frame and the picture in it. Silly kid!

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Marissa said...

what beautiful birthday girls!!!