Wednesday, October 29, 2008

WoW so behind

Wow I am so behind on updating! So much has happened since coming home from Italy.

I've yet to upload my photos from my trip!

Came home Friday, ran my race on Sunday. Need to get pictures from those too! I did awesome if you don't mind me saying. 13.1 miles at 3 hours 19 mins. Came in 9th in my age group! Hey, not bad top 10 :) And I beat my own personal goal of 3 hours and 30 mins :) I would have done better but I felt the need to help someone else cross the line. She had an injury hip and was alone. It felt better to help someone then be selfish!

Monday, found out that I can't drive day or night.

Tuesday, Dad had an heart attack.

So from Tuesday till Friday, we all sat on pins and needles to see if my dad would be ok. He came home Friday and couldn't have surgery. I'll post more on this later. He'll be ok if he stops smoking and lowers his stress.

Sat. night we went out with some friends. Had a nice time for a change after this crappy week.

Sunday spent the whole day with my parents and hanging out.

Well there is more to post and I'll be back with some pictures and stories.

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