Friday, October 3, 2008

A few hours

3 years ago today in about a few hours I was about to be a mom for the 1st time at!!!

In a few hours my world was about to change for the better.

In a few hours it would not be just Dave and I.

In a few hours we would be adding a new member to the family.

In a few hours we would be holding a 7lbs 7oz little girl name Adrianna Rachel-Marie...

Happy 3rd Birthday baby girl :) Mama loves you more then you'll EVER realize!! The love I have for you, will be something that NOBODY can take away. You've grown into a wonderful, beautiful, smart, caring, loving, sweet, stubborn little women. You've bought so much joy in so many peoples lives. You are one of the most caring 3 years old that I know. On this day today 3 years ago, you've made my life a much more happy place to be. I will never forget the moment you came out of me and when the 1st time I've held you in my arms. I am pretty sure, Daddy, Grandma, Papa, and Aunt Tina will never forget this day too. :)

Daddy and I love you more then heaven and earth from hell and back. Happy 3rd Birthday!!!

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