Thursday, June 5, 2008

Another Pile of Shit

Excuse my mouth but it's been an interesting day!!

I am so sick of it. I swear I thought things were going good then bam I get slap in the face! I guess life could be worst. I pray to God that he's getting us out of this mess soon. I don't think my body and family can take this anymore :(

Keep us in your thoughts and prayers this week if you can. We need them.

I'll explain more once I know more what's going on.

Other then that it was a good day at work, got stuff done. Good night at home, kids got to swim. Good night out, drinks with my mom and her friend.

Good night all...


Ellisa said...

I hope everything is ok, Lauren.

Lorene said...

I hope everything works out!!

Jen said...

Hope it works out for you.