Monday, June 16, 2008

Should be here

soon!! I am so excited my passport should be here soon! The trip is going to be here before I know it. I have so much to do before then!!

Things have been so busy and crazy for us. This week we actually have no real plans! I love that! Today however I am going to Hanson's running shop to get some new running gear and go for a meeting for Team in Training. See old post :) Then the rest of the week, we are pretty slow. We have play dates schedule on Wed. The kids will most likely swim and my friend Mel and I catch up. Then I am trying to schedule a play date with my cousin Michelle so I can put some lovin on Dino :) Other then that I'll be busy with the kids, getting the house cleaned up, pricing stuff for garage sale next weekend (come shop!), and busy training for my run!

I've been busy back at the gym and I love going! I missed the gym. But the scale I don't miss! It hasn't moved in a MONTH! Same weight and it is starting to piss me off! I know I need a life!

Well I am off to do some shopping before my meeting tonight. Oh gosh, I've realize I have not gone shopping for clothes since November 2007 by myself!!! YEAH so excited!

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