Friday, June 6, 2008

Sun out so we are smiling

So yesterday ended in a crappy good way. Today is even better. New day new things!

I've already been to the gym now showered! That is GREAT for me! Kids are snacking and I am blogging lol.

We have a lot going on this weekend!! I am so excited.

We are leaving in a bit to go to the pool and swim with some friends ours. Then come home and nap (not me), I'll clean up the kids clothes, enjoy some peace and quiet. Wake up from nap, play a bit, then dinner for the kids, and I am off to my cousin's daughter dance show! One of my mom friend will come here and watch the kids for an hour till Dave get home from work. After the show, I might go see Sex and The City Movie!!

Sat. we are going shopping to finally plant stuff around the house! And get started on my garden (I know we are late) then come home and plant, plant and plant!! I can't wait!!! After that we'll shower and drop the kids off at my parents! WhooHoo!! Dave and I are going out with friends of our without kids!! OMG it's been FOREVER since we've all done this together! We are going to PF Changs, I've never been there! Then going to ride some go carts and be a kid for a while!

Sunday, kids will return and I am not sure what our plans are for that day! Maybe the zoo??

Have a good weekend. I know I will be :):)


Marissa said...

sounds like you have an awesome weekend planned - enjoy it! :)

Ellisa said...

I hope you had as good a weekend as you planned!

Jen said...

Hope you are having a great weekend and gettting everything you planned done!