Thursday, June 26, 2008

Oh Boy

Man this trip to Italy is giving me the run for my money.

Trip was schedule Sept. but then it got moved to Oct. 2 till Oct. 11. I was freaking out since A) It's Adrianna's 3rd Birthday on the 3rd. I didn't want to miss it. But once again this is a trip that is only going to come once! B) I have to run on the 19th 13.1 miles! Ok so we move on and I adjust and figure we'll do a party before I leave and for once my grandma will be here for one of my kids parties!

However today I find out the trip has been moved once again! And I almost had a heart attack! It's now Oct. 9th to the 17th!!! OMG....A) I'll be here for my baby's birthday B) I have to run on the 19th!!! lol I'll just have to keep drinking water after water! I am not going to miss the trip or the run. Both are 2 things I want to do before I turn 30!

Hmm what else is going on....Oh I got a tattoo!!! I love it!!! It's on my foot. I was going to get 2 stars. One outlined in Black and colored purple. And one outline in Purple with no fill in. However, I changed my mind and the artist did his own thing and I love it!! I went with a group of girls, it was a fun night. I felt like I was 18 all over again! I'll have to post pic once I upload them!

We have a busy weekend as I am having my garage sale this weekend. Hopefully it won't rain as much as they say it going to!


Ellisa said...

sounds like a busy schedule in october.
Can't wait to see the tat.

Jen said...

Sounds like an exciting October. Can't wait for pics of the new tat.

Marissa said...

can't wait to see your tattoo!

the trip & run will work itself out - things always do.

miss you!