Monday, June 2, 2008

Baby be gone :(

Last night my daughter went from being a baby to a big girl. How bittersweet! She moved into a big girl bed! She was ready. Mama however wasn't. She did wonderful. Slept the entire night and didn't fight us for bed time. She was happy as a camper to get in that bed.

Another bittersweet moment today she went on her 1st field trip with my cousin's son class! My cousin offer to take her with them. They went to the farm! I am waiting on those pictures. She was so excited to ride a school bus :) I am sad I miss her getting on the school bus for the 1st time but it doesn't really count does it? :(

And tonight she wants to stay at my cousin house. We are still on the fence about that but she really wants to. These past few days are just another milestone passing in my baby's book!

Slow down please....

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